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OMG One Dip Instant Nail Lacquer Remover Dissolvant

I'm allergic to some strong smell such as acetone, so I often buy scented acetone than the regular acetone variant. I found this little bottle at Watsons and I'm curious that it's a Nail Lacquer Remover in a bottle!
It contains 75ml of dissolvant soaked in a black/gray sponge inside.

"Fast, effective nail lacquer removal, no mess, no fuss!"

It mentioned something I do not understand "Just replace the lid and reuse again and again" - does it mean just seal the lid? coz I can't find a replacement sponge for this one or refill dissolvent.

Price and Where to Buy:
P50/bottle got mine from Watsons

True to its claim: No Drying, no acetone, and no smearing. I use it when I'm inside the office. It doesn't have that harsh acetone smell so its fine for me.
  • It might be hard for the user to use it with glittered (textured) nail polish as seen below. It took me several dips just to remove 1 nail here.
  • A bit expensive for a nail lacquer remover, but its worth it if you're looking for something that's not drying, no acetone, cotton wool free and doesn't smear. 
  • A bottle would be good for 50 dips, sponge inside eventually breaks when used often.
  • Users with short fingers might find it hard to soak their nails inside, as more dissolvant stays at the bottom of the sponge.
  • It does have a smell if you're familiar with 'plastic balloon'.These toys consist of a solvent mixture in a tube and one or more short plastic straws for blowing, smells like Solvent

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