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How to Spot the fake Labiotte Wine Lip Tint


I first saw Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in 라비오뜨 - labiotte facebook page official January 2016 of this year. The wine lip tint packaging got me recently when I finally got the authentic one for a low price comparing to other local sellers in the Philippines.
Labiotte which I heard this pronounced as 'la beauty', spelled cute right? This wine lip tint is part of my current hauls, I first bought the mini then after several days decided to get the full size. I decided to create another SPOT THE FAKE to include it to create a series of post.

With this post, I have 3 different kinds of Labiotte wine lip tint, from YonjiKonji, a Legit korean shop (RD01 Red Shiraz), the fakes are from Divisoria (RD01 Red Shiraz), and a makeup stall inside a mall (PK01 Blush Pink).

Authentic Price sold here in Philippines for around P500, got mine for only P470 since its on sale
Labiotte price₩ 12000 
Fake Price: P60-P150

P 1 = US$ 0.020
P 49.85 = US$ 1

So how will you know if you got the Authentic Genuine Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint? Check out more photos below to find out.


The AUTHENTIC should have an embossed print (see details). It should have a precisely embossed border and divider. FAKE PK01 do not have an embossed details. Fake RD01 got the embossed details but divider detail was not clear and crisp. Check the box's color as well specially the silver gold inner part.



Check out the sticker placement here, both RD01 got the same sticker placement unlike the PK01. Both RD01 are rough and got some grainy texture.

AUTHENTIC makes a locking sound when twisted close, while the FAKE doesn't make any locking sound at all.



AUTHENTIC should have a shorter doe foot size and shouldn't be as slanted as this fake ones.


Since the RD01 are really similar when it comes to outer packaging, I tried to scratch the sticker with my nails and check what I find out with the fake RD01. The grains are scratched off from the sticker paper. The authentic RD01 was still fine and no fall off. 


This is how the application and removal look like. I used a bifesta makeup remover. Authentic RD01 doesn't create a residue when removed. While the fake PK01 and RD01 looks like close to liquid lipsticks. Similar to the fake Colourpop which is also discussed here.


Here as you can see clearly the difference with the formula of these Wine Lip Tints. The Authentic Labiotte was closely similar to a jelly like tint still buildable color. Fake Labiotte are matte liquid lipstick when completely dried, it looks blotchy too PK01.
So there you go! Hope you find this post helpful and share it to your friends to let them know the difference. I'm wearing the authentic Labiotte Wine lip tint here in RD01.

Till the next STFbyGlendabelle!


  1. Thankyou your blog very helpful:)

  2. Thank you! Turns out mine was fake :( I bought it online after trying a real one in person. The real one smells like wine and the fake one does not.

    1. Some sellers tend to mix fake and authentic ones :(