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Cleaning my Velour Earpads

Do you have headsets with velour earpads? Check if there's visible lint or that dandruff thing might be dust stuck into the earpads? I encounter it with my Plantronics Gamecom 388. I often leave my room door open so dust can easily enter my room or when it accidentally drop into the floor. See the photo below :(
This topic might be different from the other beauty related posts before. This headset is the nerdier side of me really. I'm using it for my MMORPG and Skype calls.

So basically, all you need is a TAPE (if you do not have a lint roller - with the adhesive side), this one would work out too! Lint Remover doesn't work since it just spread the lint all over the material. Lint remover is different from the lint roller with the adhesive side.
Sometimes, washing the piece wouldn't take away most of the lint, but this would be the best and cheapest way to remove lint from velour earpads.

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