Ciracle Radiance Eye Miracle

Nov 17, 2016 //
Probably our fault for taking late nights, staying out too long which let us get more sun damage, allergies, etc caused our eyes to have lines and puff !

I tend to rub and tug my eye area often during my allergy season (high pollen count), yep, there's an allergy like that. I usually stay indoors as much as possible. It tends to be my habit during the season, I had to wear glasses to help myself from rubbing the area. Rubbing the eye area would contribute in causing wrinkles and more saggy under eye bags.

I haven't reviewed an eye cream before just because I haven't tried a brand that provides noticeable results that would be worth sharing here on my blog.

I recently got the chance to try this eye cream from Ciracle called Radiance Eye Miracle. A 15ml tub that contains natural surfactants and butter that protect the area around the eyes without irritation and alleviate the wrinkles as per their website.

Product details:
  1. Moisture/Flexibility - regain moisture and flexibility around the eyes
  2. Dark Circles - plant substances provide nutrition around the eyes
  3. Reduce wrinkles and prevents drooping eyes
Properties of Radiance Eye Miracle:
  • Suitable for everyone regardless of age or sex
  • Suitable for dry skin that is easily prone to wrinkles
  • Multi-functional: moisturizes, as well as targets wrinkles and dark circles
  • Contains natural core ingredients such as Sea Daffodil, Licorice Root Extract, and Mango Seed Butter
Product Ingredients and How to Use:
Price and where to buy:
₱ 990 from

  • Duration of usage: 2-3 weeks. I'm using this eyecream at night 3-5 times a week, I sometimes forget to apply eyecreams when I'm really tired. 
  • The consistency was thick which I love for eye creams!
  • I feel that the eye cream  was better if it's inside the fridge before using.
  • I use my clean fingers for application as this doesn't come with a spatula or similar to that
  • The cream somehow enlighten my undereye area and makes the lines shorter and not too deep like it was before.
Disclaimer: The products shown in this post is provided by Essliv Philippines for my consideration. All my review is based on my own experience, honest and unbiased

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