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Why I want an OPPO F1s?

Do you struggle when using intensive apps with your mobile phone? When you have it over time, it just suddenly lags or even hangs up. We all hate this. Task Killers don't even work with this issue (permanently), as the app processes start up again after few seconds.

This is caused by having a low memory for your mobile's RAM (Random Access Memory), It's when you are playing a game app and you are using the device's RAM during the game. The more RAM you have on your device, the more you can do such as browsing with different tabs open and using more apps loaded.It tells how fast would be your phone's performance.
It might be technical to some people but this is a great factor when choosing a mobile device. A good amount of RAM is crucial for maintaining two apps running on the screen. Having a Viber and a Facebook both running? RAM is in charge of this.

What if I need more apps to open? With my current phone, it's would either open the 3rd app, then mess up the other one; or takes the time to load the 3rd app. Sometimes, I need to reboot my device.

Just check out how much memory does your Facebook app has (I have 343 MB), and got 100+ apps installed (and pre-installed apps on my phone, already disabled others not in used), just imagine how I experience lag sometimes when using more than 2 apps.

This is why I want the Oppo F1s! It still has the same camera features (which Oppo is known for), now has a more modest technical background. Multi-tasking would be surely easier for me and it's a selfie expert as well!

Find more information about Oppohttp://www.oppo.com/

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