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Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer

My normal sleep during weekdays would always be 5 hours. I'd be lucky if I can make it 6. Well due to heavy traffic, I'm required to wake up 4am in the morning. I just can't wait for weekends to have a complete 8 hour sleep. I've noticed this on Youtube probably 3 years ago but I just think I do not need it yet. Now, I decided to get one from a Shopee Seller since its not available to Maybelline Philippines.

Bought for Php 480

Maybelline Claims:
Instant Age Rewind® Eraser Treatment Makeup. This super-concentrated formula with goji berry hydrates the skin, while the exclusive applicator covers, fills, and smoothes to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Seven years of research and three patents combine in this anti-aging treatment makeup. This micro-correcting foundation features goji berry, collagen, and an exclusive applicator. Easily apply the foundation to cover dark circles, fine lines, and age spots

This concealer contains Haloxyl which reduces the puffy look and fades the appearance of under-eye circles. Goji Berry Ingredient provides rich antioxidants and protect skin from aging. It's treatment and concealer in one! Good job Maybelline <3

I got Light 120 shade (comes in 6 shades). I prefer to blend the concealer with my clean fingers. I like how it brightens my under eye area. Thus really effective and doesn't crease when applied with the right amount of concealer. Sponge is quite big, sometimes, the concealer also went really close to my tight line area.

The light shade doesn't fully cover my under eyes, it's somewhat around 80-90%, probably because of the puffy side that also creates a shadow. I also have red-brown undereye which I think because of my allergy - Sinus. I still think it's coverage does better than other lightweight concealers. I feel like my skin can still breath out through this concealer.

1st Eyebrow Makeup Only | 2nd Moisturizer + Sunscreen + before blending of Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer | 3rd After blending
I haven't use it enough so I can't tell yet if it really treats the puffiness, maybe I should also work harder to earn more sleep. I might tag this as my best under eye concealer which is lightweight.


  1. I also using this sis! My fav one :)

  2. I think it works on you naman po. I hides the dark circle in your eyes. Less visible na po siya. Same routine din po tayo. I had to wake up early to prepare things and for my baby. Mommy duties. hehe. Will be here to support you Ms. Glenda =) Stay Pretty.