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A visit to Daiso Japan - Galleria Branch

The biggest branch of Saizen can be found in 4F of Robinsons Galleria. I usually go here to spend some time to look around, check necessary things I can buy for my Php 88. Some items are marked as sale items like Buy 1 take 1 for Php 88 for special promotions.
Everything might cost Php 88 (or $2), familiarize yourself first with the market price as some of the products can really be more expensive if you buy it outside Saizen. Make sure to check out the must buys first!
They currently have B1T1 promo for some costumes for Halloween (for kids), better check them if you need to save time and bucks. They also have some witch hats and fancy halloween specs for adults :D You may also see some Christmas themes items in the other side of the store.

Lots of amazing things in this area, there are even some tools I'm not familiar with. All things in bright colorful designs.
I'd probably get some Nori here! No MSG and healthy guilt free snack! They also have Peperoo! cheaper than convenience stores.
 Full Stacks for your organizing needs!
Those big hand soap costs Php88!!!
Yup, this store also offer makeups! Check for some Youtube and blog reviews for worth it products. But I tell you, worth it buy here would be the 2 box of cotton pads. Good Puff or Cotton Puff. I just wish they could have a better box display. They seemed to be out of shape already. I'm buying them for more than 2 years already! [Saizen Goof Puff]
Hardware Tools
Fathers would also like shopping here. Big screwdrivers for Php88? Why not!
Laundy Mesh Bag: Must buy item if you have washing machine at home. It's really helpful for the under garment and socks!
 Home Display
These are really cute but sorry I have no space right now.
Going to a kids birthday party in a budget? You can finds lots of toys here. It doesn't hurt the pocket so much right since it might be more expensive if you'll check them in mall stores.
Organize your desk with these boxes. Big ones are surely worth it. I bet its expensive when bought in bookstores.
Craft + Stationaries
Looking for some scrapbooking supplies? They have uniquely cheap items like stamps and craft punches I honestly can tag as a steal here! Ballpens might be a skip for me if you're buying them here. :P
 Personal Apparel
Literally personal! I find their disposable garments useful during trips or even during typhoon season where clothes really take time to dry. Drying clothes indoors might cause health risks. Definitely a must buy!
Needs a quick change of shirt? they have it!
Feeling girly today?
 Ripped a hole in your thights?
Pet costumes, pet toys. grooming tools and food are also available.
Regular things I buy in Daiso:
  • Tissue
  • Nori Sheets
  • Makeup Sponges (1 pack)
  • Cotton Pads (2 box)
  • Snacks
  • Disposable underwear (yup!)
  • Hand Soap
That's for today Daiso visit, now who likes this strawberry calculator? <3
Have you buy anything from Daiso? Hope you can share your must buy too <3


  1. I will visit that branch soon! This article is so informative! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have tried Daiso but this branch is really big! Will check this out! Thanks for this!

    almariwrites.blogspot.com 😊