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Bench Fix Shampoo & Dash Dry Shampoo

Hello to Bench Dry Shampoo! Dry shampoos before are often available online here in the Philippines. It's quite hard to look for them unless you can go to bigger markets. It's quite expensive as well. Good thing I recently got this really affordable dry shampoo offered by a local brand in Philippines, Bench. If you're living here in the Philippines, you'll know that they are an apparel brand, they also have a salon called Bench Fix.
This Dry Shampoo is under the Bench Fix Professional but also sold in their stores (I'm not just sure when they released it but I saw it this October 2016).
Price: Php 175 for a 100ml spray bottle
Where to Buy: Bench stores nationwide
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Just a little background about my hair: Blower after a shower? that's not me except for special occasions. I currently have a medium hair length.

When using right shampoo and conditioners, it looks great and hair strands are at place specially when air dried. However, when using different brands makes it look dry, open wave. I can't really maintain a good hair look throughout the day due to travel to my work. That's when I started to consider trying Dry Shampoo.

It is mentioned in Huffingtonpost that dermatologist and hairstylists recommend using dry shampoo for this reason: washing hair too much can strip away healthy oils and lead to dry and damaged locks, and dry shampoo would be another option to avoid these damages.
What you need to know first about Dry Shampoo:
1. Aerosol dry shampoo turns to powder white when it gets and dries on in the hair. You'll notice white little stuff that looks like chalk dust.
2. Too much or near distance spraying can cause too much dry shampoo build up. Better wear something light when you don't want the dry shampoo to fall off to be noticed on your blouse.
3. It's not new, Dry Shampoo have been showed up since the 1960s
4. Spray only on a dry hair, no wet or damp.
5. Dry shampoo dries out the oils on the hair, not oils in the scalp.
  • Since I normally walk 2km everyday, arriving at the office makes my 'refresh up time' longer because of my hair. When I had this Bench Dry Shampoo, it makes it easier.
  • Gives my hair a nice clean scent that isn't overpowering and it masked odors.
  • It provides  a fine and limp volume when brushed
  • I also noticed that the residue sticks to my hair brush, but its not noticeable when sprayed through the strands.
  • It removes the oily feeling when I run through my hair
I personally think it's a great product specially when  you do commute, got the unwanted smell from cooking or other activities. It's not a replacement for taking a bath to wash the hair IMO, as we do not have clean air here in the Metro, you don't want too much oil[dirty] in your scalp, right? But this Bench Dry Shampoo is really helpful whenever the hair needs a boost.

What are your thoughts about using dry shampoo? have you tried it?

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