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Snow Skin Whitening Cream and Lotion Review

Some people look fair but having a healthy looking skin would be another step to achieve.  This past few weeks, I received these products from Snow Skin to test out. It's their Snow Skin Whitening Cream for the face and Lotion for the body use. These whitening cream for face or lotion safe are both hydroquinone-free & paraben-free. 

What Snow Skin Whitening claims about their cream and lotion?

They contain a High % of concentration of all these active ingredients. This is crucial because manufacturers only use a very small % of Whitening Actives. Usually they only use one main expensive active then they mixed it with cheaper actives like papaine or Kojic Acid. For example, the highly effective skin active Alpha Arbutin costs around Php125,000 per liter. Most manufacturers only use 0.01% of Alpha Arbutin to gain higher profit margins. But because Snow Skin Whitening aims to provide quick and effective results, they use 2% which is the recommended % for faster whitening effect.

Snow Skin Whitening Cream

Snow Skin Whitening Cream has Elite 7 Skin Whitening Actives that whiten and lighten the skin while reversing skin problems such as dark spots, age spots, acne marks, old scars, uneven skin tone and melasma.

Snow Skin Whitening Lotion

Snow Skin Whitening Lotion gives you Elite 7 Skin Whitening Actives for skin whitening as well as skin protection and cell repair. It also keeps up with its promise of non-carcinogenic and ultimately safe yet most beneficial ingredients.

For two weeks of using Snow Skin Whitening Cream applied only on the left leg (when facing photo), it really made a change around two tone lighter than the right leg (when facing photo). So now will be applying the Snow Skin Whitening Lotion to the other side for following 3 weeks to even out. Time to work to the other leg! :))
  • Snow Skin Whitening Cream - Face
  • The cream has a thick texture and application needs effort to smooth it into the skin, sometimes I also wipe out excess when I over apply cream. I believe extra work of face cream application is worth it as facial massage helps the skin too. It really moisturize my skin and gives a glow the next day when I apply it during the night, I normally sleep 5-6 hours a day yet I still look like I have a normal 8 hours sleep. This Snow Skin Whitening Face Cream didn't aggravate nor break out my skin. I think I might prefer a better pump for face creams as I can easily control how much I apply than this pump packaging from Snow Skin. This will be surely perfect for ber months when my skin usually experience dry patches.
  • Snow Skin Whitening Lotion - Body
  • Used only once a day in the morning, with less sun exposure, I'm really amazed how the 3 week usage provide effective result. I really like the Snow Skin Whitening Lotion which makes my skin really fair. It completely moisturized the skin for almost throughout the day as I do not prefer reapplication of body lotions.
  • Snow Skin Whitening Cream (50ml) – Php 1499 
  • Snow Skin Whitening Lotion (175ml) – Php 799

Snow Skin Whitening  contains the Elite 7 Active ingredients that are all Clinically Proven to Whiten Skin and also effective in Anti Ageing .
1. ALPAFLOR® GIGAWHITE: a skin lightener developed from Alpine plants. ALPAFLOR® GIGAWHITE can brighten and even skin tone as well as reduce the color intensity of age spots.
2. ALPHA-ARBUTIN: Promotes lightening fast and evens out skin tone on all skin types. Known to minimize liver spots and can reduce the degree of skin tanning after UV exposure.
3. COLORLESS CAROTENOIDS: provides effective protection against UV and oxidative damage, which is known to lead to pre-mature aging and other phenomena. They also present abilities of inflammation reduction, anti oxidation and UVA/UVB protection that enhance skin lightening.
4. IBR-Snowflake®: Known to slow down cell proliferation thus preserves the youth capital delaying the aging process.
5. MELFADE®-J: a purified aqueous extract derived from bear berry leaves (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) combined with magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. Popular in Asian countries as an effective means to depigment the skin. MELFADE®-J reacts on the melanocytes to inhibit the tyrosinase activity by reducing melanin biosynthesis.
6. Symglucan®: A Multi-Functional anti-aging ingredient that protects skin cells against UV radiation, stimulates broblast growth and collagen synthesis, promotes healing and reduces discoloration of scars, stimulates immune defense, helps reduce extrinsic signs of aging – non-invasive treatment of skin wrinkles and also acts as an excellent moisturizer
7. SymWhite®: Known to have the most potent tyrosinase inhibitors ever reported. Used to lighten the skin tone and even treat uneven skin tone
Where to buy: Lazada, Mercury Drugstores, Watsons and other beauty outlets and drugstores nationwide.

It might be expensive to other brands but it's worth trying since it's effective and contains great ingredients as well.

The Snow Skin Whitening Lotion and Snow Skin Whitening Cream and Lotion are products of Vida Nutriscience, Inc. : http://vidanutriscience.com/

For more information, check out Snow Skin Whitening Cream and Lotion‘s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/snowskinwhite/


  1. Hi Ms. Glenda! Your blogg was very informative especially when you said that other manufacturers just only apply 1% of Alpha Arbutin because it is too expensive but it is one of the main ingredient in skin whitening to get higher profit. That is why maybe because the other brand has a slow effect because of that. Wanna try but out of budget. Just recommend it to other bellas. Great Blog. God Bless. Enjoying reading here.

  2. These days there are numerous approaches to treat the visual indications of maturing like wrinkles, scarce differences, Charlize Theron Face Cream hanging skin, imperfections, and so forth.

  3. What is the color of your cream?i recieve days ago from online seller but color its like an skintone color?plz