Sep 17, 2016

Fashion 21 Eyeshadow Pop

I have posted this Fashion 21 Eyeshadow Pop in #13 several months ago in my Instagram account but forgot to have it posted here on my blog. I saw this in Watsons and its a new product from Fashion 21 back then.

Product details:
Eyeshadow PopWith these easy-to-carry single eyeshadows, a good look is always at your fingertips even when you’re carrying a small bag. These pops come in 13 different standout colors that can also blend well with other shades. With the Mix and Match Palette, you can even develop your own color combinations to suit your mood and style. (The Mix and Match Palette is sold separately.) (Link)
I decided to go for this #13 as I'm looking for a dark brown eyeshadow without shimmers and something I can use to shade my brows as well. So it fits as a 2 in 1 product right? Pigmentation is great and enough to cover my eyebrows and make a shadow on my lids.

Fashion 21 offers different colors that you can opt to personalize your own 4 color palette. You may remove it to the single packaging and place it to the Mix and Match palette itself.
Price: less than Php 100 each pop (will update exact price soon)

1 comment on "Fashion 21 Eyeshadow Pop"
  1. I was just about to ask if It can be use for the brows and then I spot your answer that it is 2 in 1 and can be use to our brows. Hope you can share me some hehe, joke! =) Wanna try it. Great Blog Ms. Glenda. Enjoying reading your bloggs.


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