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Biore UV Perfect Milk with SPF 50 (Blue)

When I started biking and my swimming lesson, I've been more addicted to sunscreens. Honestly, it's fine with me if I darken when I do outdoor activities but I hate the fact that I have to undergo sunburns. I'm using a great one from Biore products. This Biore sunscreen is one of my favorite for everyday summer use.

Price Php 395

Product Description
Long-lasting UV block for face and body. A UV block offering SPF50+/ PA+++ protection. Its water-proof and perspiration-resistant formulation makes it effective for outdoor protection. Ultra light and non-sticky texture spreads evenly on the skin, leaving a sheer, natural finish with no white residue.
  • It's greasy at first applied then dries matte
  • Water resistant
  • Sweat resistant
  • Leaves a powdery white finish
  • lightweight
  • SPF 50
  • Contains alcohol, might not be for sensitive skin
  • Best to use for beach outing.
Might be expensive to some people for a 40-ml product (compared to other local sunscreen in the market) with a runny consistency, it's hard to control everything. And to think it's a face and body sunscreen, I'd rather use it on my face, neck and shoulders only ^^My activities usually lasts in less than 2 hours so I didn't reapply. Maybe I should every 2-3 hours for longer activities. See how runny it looks like on my palm? and looks like just a milk! :)

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