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[CLOSED] Glendabelle Giveaway Alert

It's been months since my last giveaway, so I'm throwing a line up of giveaways in my blog soon :)

I've been MIA for quite some time due to some personal stuffs and training. I've been focusing to my skincare as well, I stopped purchasing makeup items in a weekly basis (yeah I love to try new makeups before). I realized that it would always be better to invest in good skin care product then makeup will follow <3

I'd like to share these Burt's Bees Natural Anti-Blemish Solutions Toner and Moisturizing Lotion to 1 lucky reader of A Beauty Bella. Thank you all!
Here are the simple steps:
  1. Like A Beauty Bella Facebook Page
  2. Follow @glendacandedeir on Instagram
  3. Share this giveaway blog post on Facebook. Don't forget to tag A Beauty Bella
  4. Repost my giveaway photo on Instagram. Don't forget to tag @glendacandedeir and this giveaway hashtag #glendabellegiveaway #giveawayph
  5. Follow @glendacandedeir in Twitter 
  6. For me to track your entries, I'd love to see them on the comment section. Use the following format: Name, Active Email Address, Facebook Name, Instagram and Twitter username
Open for Philippine Residents only. Not convertible to cash. Please have the shared posts in Public so I can check
Giveaway ends July 16, 2016.

Check out this short raffle video I made. Thank you to all who joined! To the winner, kindly email me the soonest :)

 Jermaine Lingon - shynmori


  1. Joined & thanks for the chance.
    NAME:Jennifer Timonel
    FB:Jennifer Timonel
    IG: @jhenny_duran

  2. Rizza B. Montaniel
    Rizza Beniza

  3. Thank you for this awesome giveaway :)
    Email Address: salazarmichell@yahoo.com
    Facebook Name: michelle daria salazar
    Instagram: @creage14
    Twitter: @santita_pazaway

  4. Name: Diana A. Beatima
    Email Address: diana_beatima@yahoo.com
    Facebook Name: Diana Advincula Beatima
    Instagram Username: @dianne1276
    Twitter username: @dianne027

  5. Name: Renziel Joyce Candelario
    Email: rjoycecandelario@yahoo.com
    Fb: Renziel Joyce V Candelario
    Ig: @rnzcndlr
    Twitter: @renzybetch

  6. NAME:Maricel Fajardo
    FB: Emcel Fajardo
    IG: @Hya_cel08

  7. Name: Hazel Asoy
    EMail address: mail.hazelasoy@gmail.com
    Facebook Name: Hazel Asoy
    Instagram & Twitter: wannderzel

  8. Name: Aldrin Montierro
    Email Address: aldrin_montierro@hotmail.com
    Facebook Name: Aldrin Montierro
    Instagram: @abmontierro
    Twitter: @abmontierro

    I want to win these items because my wife is a fan of toner and loves to put on lotion from time to time. She will be definitely happy using these Burt's Bee's item.

    FB shared: https://web.facebook.com/abmontierrophotography/posts/682774481860811
    IG regram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BHbfPnDgd3n/?taken-by=abmontierro
    TW post link: https://twitter.com/abmontierro/status/749853287663362052

  9. Name: Roxane Cabile-Montierro
    Email Address: roxane.cabile@yahoo.com
    Facebook Name: Roxane Cabile-Montierro
    Instagram: @rcmontierro
    Twitter: @roxanemontierro

    I want to try Burt's Bees toner and lotion. I am not using toner before but knowing the good benefits of toner that it can do to my face and how lotion moisturized your skin makes me use it and now that i know that Burt's Bees is a good product, I can't really wait to try it.

  10. Name : Kristine Pelayo
    Active Email Address : kianismine@yahoo.com
    Facebook Name: Kristine Pelayo
    Instagram : @mylifekianjeff
    Twitter username: @kristinepelayo

  11. Name: Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay
    Email Address: clarice.mymetrolifestyle@gmail.com
    FB Name: Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay
    IG: @valandclai
    Twitter: @valandclai

  12. Name: Lorena Capote
    Email: lorena_capote@yahoo.com
    Fb: Lorena Canedo
    Ig: @lhady_lorena
    Twitter: @lhady_lorena

  13. Name: Chelsy Anne V. Perez
    Email Address: chelsyyyp@gmail.com
    FB Name: Chelsy Anne Perez
    IG: @chelsyyyanne
    Twitter: @chelsyyyp

    Really hoping that I'll be lucky enough to win your giveaway! I'm an incoming college sophomore and I still don't have my holy grail skin care routine. I can't really splurge in these stuff without knowing if they will work with my skin or not. And that's my main dilemma as a student with a limited budget. So I hope this giveaway will be a heaven sent from above for me to try out products without putting a whole in my pocket! Godspeed and more power to you and your blog!!!! <3

  14. Name: Jermaine Lingon
    email: jermainelingon@gmail.com
    fb: jermaine lingon
    Ig: shynmori
    twitter: shynmori

  15. Name: Sherlyn F. Calicdan
    Email Address: qtshecuttie1428@gmail.com
    FB Name: Sherlyn Calicdan
    IG Username: @sfcalicdan

    Twitter: @sfcalicdan

  16. name: camille quiambao
    email: cgquiambao@gmail.com
    facebook: camille quiambao
    twitter: @cgquiambao
    instagram: camgavino

  17. Name: irene dela Cruz
    Facebook: bebe irene tuibuen
    Twitter: irene dela Cruz
    Instagram: bebe_irene

  18. Emilie Udasco
    Fb: Emilie Canapi Prades-Udasco
    Twitter & IG: @eliecious

  19. Name: Christine Joy Icatlo
    Active Email Address: cjicatlo@gmail.com
    Facebook Name: Cj Elizes Icatlo
    Instagram: cj_snaps
    Twitter username: cj_said

  20. Name: Olivia Carmella A. Cena
    Email: occraft8@gmail.com
    Facebook: Olivia Carmella A. Cena
    Twitter: Olib Cena
    Instagram: carmella08