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Farm Stay Grape Stem Cell Essence

If you need another skincare step on your routine, try adding up Essence. I feel like essence and serums are the same things but as per Korean Skincare, the essences should be traditionally more lightweight and less concentrated than serums. Essences are usually used prior to serums.
Product Claims:A lifting & anti-wrinkle facial essence Formulated with pea callus extract & gold kiwi extract Works quickly on skin to offer vitality Contains adenosine & grape callus extract for lifting effect Reduces the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines Unveils a firmer, smoother, re-sculpted & younger looking complexion
 Product information is written in Korean and English

PHP 690- www.mcdellbeauty.com/

I'm told be a Korean friend that it's filled with glycerin and hyaluronic acid which is an active player to immediately hydrate and comfort skin in restoring natural pH balance.

I got a chance to try this fab product from Farmstay. It's called Farm Stay Grape Stem Cell Wrinkle Lifting Essence. Thank you Farmstay!

Grapes has been discovered to have anti-aging benefits coming from the grape peel and seeds. I've researched that Grape Stem Cells can help to protect, maintain and regenerate epidermal adult stem cells.

For 2 weeks of using this product, I didn't break out (I have combination skin type). I'm using the essence before going to bed - when I skip my face mask. At my age of 20ish, I do not have yet any wrinkles, therefore I can't tell right now its efficiency in terms of wrinkles. As an essence product, it gives the same feel as my facial masks. I also smell somewhat fruity - like grapefruit. Skin feels well hydrated the next day I wake up.

This is a great essence for those who just getting started in trying essences.

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