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Master Facial Moisturizer

Men uses women's stuffs such as shampoo, soaps, facial scrubs and more. Why not women try men stuff as well! I'm talking about this facial moisturizer from Master, the Master Whitening Plus and Master Oil Control Max. I'm using this Whitening Plus as my facial moisturizer while Oil Control Max as my makeup primer, even works well with the oily skin. I actually thought they can be both used as makeup primer but not.
Each sachet costs Php 19-25 depends on where you buy them. I'm looking for the Oil Control Max tube but wasn't able to find them on nearby stores.

These two sachets from Master didn't caused my any allergic reactions for 3 weeks of using it 5 days a week. Whitening plus can't hold oil as much as Oil Control Max so I think its really for the tag FACIAL MOISTURIZER.

Whitening Plus
  • lightens skin tone
  • best to use as moisturizer
  • a bit sticky but I'm fine with it and using it during the night
  • musky scent
  • with SPF 16
  • looking forward for a cooling effect as per package description but I didn't felt any.
Oil Control Max
  • I prefer to use this as makeup base/primer
  • Effectively combat face shine. It still build up [less] oil specially during my first 15 minutes after application - T-zone area. I have a combination skin, not so oily
  • But it still hold makeup till mid day 4-5 hours
  • Creates smooth base for foundation
  • Musky Scent
  • cooling effect
  • gel translucent color
  • not only prepares the skin for foundation but helps moisturize it as well
  • A makeup group mentioned that this could be the Nivea Post Shave Balm dupe!
I recommend Oil Control Max if you're looking for affordable primer. Well, whitening plus for moisturizers with whitening effect! These comes with sachet so you can try a small part first before buying a tube. Some people sensitive or even not sensitive was allergic to some ingredients of Men's products. If it feels uncomfortable, just stop using it.

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