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Ever Bilena Naturals Daily Sunscreen Moisturizing Cream

Sunscreens for a beach outing? Go for Ever Bilena! It's cheap and does the job. Daily sunblock is one of the smartest ways to prevent wrinkles

Mildly scented sunscreen that has Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to keep skin moisturized. It also has UVA/UVB protection

The formula of the Ever Bilena sunscreen is non-greasy and not heavy when applied. I'm just careful not to overdo my sunscreen  since its a bit thick, it leaves that white cast on skin even when absorbed already.

Ever Bilena Naturals Daily Sunscreen

  • For Body Php 180
  • For Face Php 100
Disclosure: Products featured on this post were purchased by me, for my own use. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.

Blushing Beauty Lick My Lips Color Changing Lip Balm

Product Claims:
The revolutionary clear lip balm that changes into shining, shimmering pink color as it touches the lips like MAGIC!
  • Keeps lips soft and smooth instantly
  • Moisturies to prevent chapped lips
  • Blends with any lipstick color
  • Comes in strawberry flavor

  • This is a 5g tub for Php 200.
  • Non greasy
  • The light pink color of the lip balm is quite subtle perfect for light pale lips like just other magic lipsticks in the market
  • It would be more hygienic if Blushing Beauty would transfer it to a lipbalm tube instead of pot
  • Made my lips moisturized for 2-3 hours 

Blushing Beauty by SkinStation is a skin care clinic that offers luxurious yet affordable services, innovative products, and an “Instagrammable” store professionally designed by Manila’s sought after Interior Design Firm, Heim Interiors. It is a new concept store developed for the young, value-conscious millennials. Blushing Beauty is a fitting follow-up to their highly successful SkinStation, now with 29 branches nationwide.

The Blushing Beauty product line offers a wide range of fun, trendy, and innovative skin care and cosmetic line engineered with the latest International formulations. They are professionally formulated by a multi-awarded chemist, SkinStation, and Blushing Beauty founder, Mr. Fred C. Reyes. He received the 2008 Achievement Award and 2011 Outstanding Professional Award in Chemistry. Strengthened by the science of nano-encapsulation to enhance efficacy and optimal absorption, Blushing Beauty products make you selfie-ready all the time.Blushing Beauty products are available at all Blushing Beauty and SkinStation branches nationwide.

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Disclaimer: Product is brought to you by Blushing Beauty. I am not paid to do this post.

Master Facial Moisturizer

Men uses women's stuffs such as shampoo, soaps, facial scrubs and more. Why not women try men stuff as well! I'm talking about this facial moisturizer from Master, the Master Whitening Plus and Master Oil Control Max. I'm using this Whitening Plus as my facial moisturizer while Oil Control Max as my makeup primer, even works well with the oily skin. I actually thought they can be both used as makeup primer but not.
Each sachet costs Php 19-25 depends on where you buy them. I'm looking for the Oil Control Max tube but wasn't able to find them on nearby stores.

Revitaglow Skin Care Revitalizing Set Review

Face peels are intended to remove our skins outermost layer of dead skin cells. It's been a dilemma for me at first to use intense facial peeling products when I saw friends having their DIY Face Peel. Yes I can do exfoliating, but to think how would I look like during the peeling? Scared.
With the help of these kinds of products, it might be more convenient and affordable than visiting spas or facial centers that will help you achieve a clearer, brighter skin. We can also choose facial centers to have it done professionally - I just skip this part. I never knew I'll be doing it for myself as well. I checked feedback of several skin peeling sets available locally and my cousin Jane and Apol (my enablers!) recommend me this set from Revitaglow. This is also one of the reason why I can't blog lately or post a lot on IG, I'm trying this set alone.

REVITAGLOW Revitalizing Set (Php 850)

Purchased here: facebook.com/revitaglow.skincare

WHITENING + Anti-Aging + anti oxidant intense repair solution
With COLLAGEN. Rejuvenating beauty through science . It exfoliates
Dead skin and gives you pinkish glow.


  • Whitens skin with pinkish glow
  • Lightens acne marks,melasma, skin discoloration,hyperpigmentation
  • Stimulate cell regeneration
  • Corrects visible signs of aging
  • Tightens pores
  • Clears black heads and white heads.
  • Set includes : Glow soap, Revitalizing solution, Overnight bleaching, Whitening sunblock

How to Use:

  • Soap
  • Revitalizing Solution Toner
  • Whitening Sunblock
  • Soap
  • Revitalizing Solution Toner
  • Overnight Bleaching Cream
Reminder from Revitaglow: If you find the toner too strong use it once a day (which is at night). Do not over rub the troner to skin specially during peeling. Minimize sun exposure. Experience: