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Clear Nose Strips from Thailand

Clear Nose Strips from Thailand (Gel Mat Na Hit Mun White)

I've tried several white and black head removers, those minty white or black cream that I had to wait for more than 30 minutes to dry, then peel off. It wasn't effective for me. I got oily especially on my nose area, the tendency: it doesn't dry completely & I cannot pull off the mask for my nose area. I'm not sure if it's the same in your case. It wasn't able to take the appropriate suction of the w/b heads. I began to skip this part on my skincare routine, I just rely on my facial wash/scrub. It would still be fulfilling if you can see those b/w heads being removed by the mask.

I then saw this product from different Facebook groups, raved by ladies and even gents. I ordered it online (got mine from skin_anew of Instagram) for only Php 70.
Set comes with:
  • 1 bottle of Clear Nose Cream
  • around 60pcs sheets of paper
How to Use
1. Take a cotton swab moistened with warm water.Wipe the cotton over your skin.
2. Apply just a thin cream over your skin.
3. Place the paper over the skin applied with the cream.
4. Allow to dry for 5-10 minutes long enough not to hurt when removed.
5. Pull back up the paper. Guaranteed that you will be shocked as blackheads, whiteheads and acne will stick to the paper.
6. Pat the area with Warm Towel followed by Cold Towel.
It's so small. less than 2 inches bottle.
I follow the instructions carefully and patiently waited.

Here's how it look like when I peeled the paper:
A comparison of my chin area:
The errrr papers. It looks like forest of white heads and facial hair.
I used it for almost 2-3 weeks already (2x a week). No breakouts. :) It just doesn't pull out all white heads but I think 80-90% are removed.

So far I'm happy with this product from Thailand. It's really effective and worth the money!
I can give this brand the best BW head remover award up to date! I just hope the smell would improve. I even tried it to my bf and sister, it's really effective.

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post.


  1. my officemate let me try this too! super love it! bakit ang mahal sa kanya? 100 daw! hahaha thanks for ur post now I know where to buy hehehe

    1. Usually range costs P60 to P120ish? its cheaper na if you bought it sa office mate mo, no more additional shipping fee ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Nope, it's not made for closing pores eh :) Need to use another product to do the job :D

  3. Nice review,lalo na dami ko pa naman black & white heads sa nose area ko. Thanks sa review na to.

  4. yay,i want to try this.need this for my nose

  5. Random but this is actually made in Vietnam!
    The words are Vietnamese and fine print says it's made in Can Tho, but sold and found in Thailand.

    I found the product through your site so thank you!

  6. where can we buy the paper strips?

  7. Usually online only, sometimes sold in bazaars as well

  8. A lot of them have blackheads on the nose, which forms the center point of their face and can affect the way they look. nose wire