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Absculpt: Finessa Aesthetica Experience

Road to beauty starts here...

Finessa Aesthetica Whiteplains is located beside Pan de Americana. It's confusing since google also displays their old branch located in Katipunan, in front of Ateneo. I'm assisted by Ms. Sasa and Ms. Mabel, my therapist, from Whiteplains branch during the procedure.

I've been invited to try one of the services from Finessa Aesthetica. They have several treatments and services available and I'm here to try out their ABSculpt. It helps the abs to contract, it's like an ab workout while lying down equivalent to 500 sit ups for 1 session.
Finessa Aesthetica's ABSculpt: Muscle Toning. Electrical stimulation of targeted muscles for increased muscle tone. Better muscle tone of area treated. May be repeated  every week to enhance muscle tone.
Absculpt treatment costs Php 1,350 per session. They also held promos Check below photo to know more services Fitnessa Aesthetica offers:

The place is just right, it's clean and comfortable. It's highly suggested to book an appointment prior to visiting to avoid the long wait.

I arrived around 6 PM and I still haven't eaten any snack, my last was lunch. As per my therapist, it's adviseable not to eat or drink anything, at least, 30minutes prior to the session. This will help the client to feel more comfortable as the machine pad would really shake the tummy area.

  1. Mabel measured 3 sections of my belly - upper, middle and lower part.
  2. She the clean my belly area and applied Cavi Gel.
  3. Gray pads laid on my belly and then wrapped my belly
  4. The procedure took 30 minutes. For every 5 minutes, Mabel adjusts the frequency of the Electro Emulsion Instrument

Feedback & Result:
The Absculpt experience itself was something new to me and I would really like to try. During the session, I'm just tickled so much! I can't bear at all those 10 seconds when Mabel adjusts the frequency. The machine pads drive to my inner skin. It feels like acupuncture but doesn't hurt at all. As if beneath those pads where needles that tickles me.

After 1 session of Absculpt, I honestly cannot see any development of course - it's just 1 session. However, comparing the measurements I got prior to this service, I lost 2cm on my lower part of my belly. I think it might be a small number of you but knowing it's hard to lessen the lower part of the belly, it's still a number - I still removed 2cm <3.

I'm advised to avoid taking cold food and drinks as my fats where still in 'liquid fat' by the Absculpt machine.

I think this treatment would be best to pair with exercise and eating the right food.

If you want to know more about Finessa Aesthetica, check out their social media sites:

List of Branches:
Timog Brach
G/F Cedar Executive Bldg. II, 26 Timog Avenue, corner Scout Tobias, Quezon City

Katipunan Branch - Whiteplains
#129 Katipunan Ave., St. Ignatius, Quezon City

Paranaque Branch - BF Homes
203B Pergola Mall, Aguirre E. Gaches & Gil Puyat St. BF Homes, San Donisio, Paranaque City

Disclaimer: The service is sponsored by Finessa Aesthetica. I am not paid to do this post.

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