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Ying Ying Tea House Binondo

We're treating ourselves with some wonderful Chinese Meals! I'm glad to be assigned for the next months in Binondo Area. It was a new place for me, thus, another place to discover, another place to blog about!

Chinese food for me feels like I'm eating heart-friendly food since I can skip those fast food, soft drinks, hamburgers and I'm eating those veggies, stir fry rice, asian flavor side dish as they use ingredients with strong flavor already - which I believe eliminates the need of MSG, more salt or more sugar. Guys, Aren't you tired of always eating in Fast Food? Well I do, sometimes I also eat my own 'baon'. ;)

We're able to try this Chinese Restaurant named Ying Ying Tea House during lunch break, it's full of customers. I'm not sure about the age of this 3-storey restaurant, I just think its over decades because of the old floors and tables. The place really needs a revamp - so don't expect too much for the place. People come here because of the food, not the place.

Clear Nose Strips from Thailand

Clear Nose Strips from Thailand (Gel Mat Na Hit Mun White)

I've tried several white and black head removers, those minty white or black cream that I had to wait for more than 30 minutes to dry, then peel off. It wasn't effective for me. I got oily especially on my nose area, the tendency: it doesn't dry completely & I cannot pull off the mask for my nose area. I'm not sure if it's the same in your case. It wasn't able to take the appropriate suction of the w/b heads. I began to skip this part on my skincare routine, I just rely on my facial wash/scrub. It would still be fulfilling if you can see those b/w heads being removed by the mask.

I then saw this product from different Facebook groups, raved by ladies and even gents. I ordered it online (got mine from skin_anew of Instagram) for only Php 70.
Set comes with:
  • 1 bottle of Clear Nose Cream
  • around 60pcs sheets of paper
How to Use
1. Take a cotton swab moistened with warm water.Wipe the cotton over your skin.
2. Apply just a thin cream over your skin.
3. Place the paper over the skin applied with the cream.
4. Allow to dry for 5-10 minutes long enough not to hurt when removed.
5. Pull back up the paper. Guaranteed that you will be shocked as blackheads, whiteheads and acne will stick to the paper.
6. Pat the area with Warm Towel followed by Cold Towel.
It's so small. less than 2 inches bottle.
I follow the instructions carefully and patiently waited.

Absculpt: Finessa Aesthetica Experience

Road to beauty starts here...

Finessa Aesthetica Whiteplains is located beside Pan de Americana. It's confusing since google also displays their old branch located in Katipunan, in front of Ateneo. I'm assisted by Ms. Sasa and Ms. Mabel, my therapist, from Whiteplains branch during the procedure.

I've been invited to try one of the services from Finessa Aesthetica. They have several treatments and services available and I'm here to try out their ABSculpt. It helps the abs to contract, it's like an ab workout while lying down equivalent to 500 sit ups for 1 session.
Finessa Aesthetica's ABSculpt: Muscle Toning. Electrical stimulation of targeted muscles for increased muscle tone. Better muscle tone of area treated. May be repeated  every week to enhance muscle tone.
Absculpt treatment costs Php 1,350 per session. They also held promos Check below photo to know more services Fitnessa Aesthetica offers:

Kick start your Kbeauty obsession with Althea Korea

Kamsahamnida to all big fans of Korean Skincare and beauty products! I'm was introduced to Korean brands during my college days, when Korean Male stars endorsed Makeup - like what?! That's the time I got into Korean products :)) Good Job for Etude House - Effective endorsement! :P Korean BB Creams are my saviour - it made my skin clearer during my teen years.

Right now, I introduce you to Althea Korea, offers comprehensive K-beauty selection at the lowest price. I appreciate e-commerce site designed to be responsive to all devices. It also comes with filters: Brand, Category, and Price for easier shopping!
Let me tell you more about my experience with this new shopping site.

RiRe Lipmanicure Review + Swatches

Last year, I created a list of best MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICKS I found over the beauty blogosphere - well most reviewed by b-vloggers. Why not try it myself to see if it should really be on the list! Good thing when browsing in Shopee, I was able to catch these RiRe Lipmanicure last December 2015.

RiRe, a brand from Korea, often tagged as a dupe for CLIO Lipnicure. However, it was hard to search for the RiRe brand as I found a little information about it. Check out my whole post to see more swatches.

MAC Mehr Lipstick

MAC Mehr is a matte finish lipstick. Described as dirty blue pink by MAC Website. It has the usual vanilla smell. I thought I would still get a Please Me, but Mehr made it on top than Please Me when it comes to the shade. Mehr is the most flattering pink I ever come across.

Mehr can stay all day for me and comfortable for everyday wear. This shade gives me a beautiful matte look even without using a lip liner. I'm not fond of using lip liners + lipsticks (unless during special occasions).
I'm around NC35 in MAC and I find it the right mauve shade for me having a yellow undertone.
It lasted around  5-hours with eating

A very close dupe of MAC Mehr: WHAT IS A MAC MEHR DUPE?

Thank you so much for reading!