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My fitness journey with Curves

Can a 30-minute exercise help you make stronger in just 30 days? Can it make you fit? Was it enough?

Finding time to exercise can be tough for some people like me. Let's accept the fact that we have our own excuses. It probably having time to work out, the cost for membership, ambiance - probably for me, I prefer a gym with no men at all, would like to have a personal space with hygiene rules or we're just shy going inside the gym, thinking they would stare at you from head to toe.
Here in the Philippines, we have this fitness center for women only called Curves. Curves created a 30-minute workout combining strength training, cardio, and stretching which can burn up to 500 calories using machines with hydraulic resistance.
These machines are designed to create resistance that increases with effort. I remember the PEC DEC, which was the hardest machine for me. You may ask Marie of the blog Mamanee, how hard for my pectorals to pull the machine towards the front. It was, therefore, my favorite hydraulic machine while in Curves. During the first day, I think I was only able to hit 2, then after a few days, I improved to 5 hits. Check out their machine videos from Curves Youtube.
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My favorite Curves coach, CJ, gave me motivation to my goal, which is to help me tone up and strength abdominal muscle to lessen abdominal bloating. While I'm with Curves, I learned that I can eat anything BUT with limits and eat in small portions, watch eating habits!

I would like to share my 1-month improvement to help my goal. It was really tough since I also had to make time to go to Curves almost every other day after work from Ayala to BGC. 
I'm happy with the improvement. It may not like those flat tummy models I saw on magazines, but hey, I compare the difference and I'm proud to say it was because of Curves training workout! Check out my waist and tummy area here!
Curves also prepare different mini-programs almost every month. For December, I joined Curves Christmas Exchange Gift 2015! I got #1, it was pairs of Iconic Socks!
Since I'm already finished my 1-month with Curves, I would love to try at home their workouts, I find some tutorials I can try at home : Curves Workouts with Jillian Michaels*

For rates and more information, you may contact Curves branches:
Eastwood City Branch
Curves Eastwood
4F Citywalk 2 Eastwood City, Bagumbayan, Quezon City

Bonifacio Global City Branch
Curves BGC
2F Bonifacio Technology Center, BGC, Taguig CITY

So if you think you gained calories last holiday season, you may like to consider trying out Curves. What are your ways to keep your body fit and healthy? 

DISCLAIMER: I received a one(1) month free membership and I am allowed for an unlimited use of facility and programs Curves offer. I did not receive any monetary amount for this blog post.


  1. Wow such an impressive result! Ako I started running again since this Monday, the last run I had was 2 years ago pa hehehe.

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