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Proactiv Review: Does this thing really work?

Let me show you my 2 week review about Proactiv.

Price:  P2,495 - 30-day kit
Got it from AMPR for free (Thank You!)
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Proactiv 30 day kit
Proactiv 30 day kit
To tell you guys, it's so hard to review a skincare product. The blogger's skin would be at high risk for reviewing a product. Skin care brands always promised everything, but how would we know if we haven't tried it ourselves?

The 30-day kit consist of the following items:
  • Renewing Cleanser
  • Revitalizing Toner
  • Repairing Treatment
  • Refining Mask
  • Quick Start Guide
  • The Doctor's Secret to a Lifetime of Clear Skin Book
Proactiv 30 day kit
Proactiv 30 day kit
This time, I'm giving a 2 week trial of Proactiv. I was really excited and a bit scared when I got the opportunity to review this. I you're a 80-90s kid like me, you would remember several Proactiv commercials before. :D
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I did a patch test and I didn't experience anything bad.
Check out my 2 week progress here:
Proactiv review
It terribly dries out my pimples specially on the first day. I skip non hypoallergenic makeup for the whole December.Proactiv review
I'm using Proactiv day after the other - not everyday basis. I experience a redness over my face when I had too much sun exposure when I apply Proactiv, even with a sunscreen. So as much as possible, I do not stay long outside. I do not recommend using Proactiv for summer months. For the 2 weeks progress, I'm happy with the result, my pimple marks lighten and no more dry patches.

I still have the kit with me and would like to keep it until I experience the same thing again - well hopefully not any more :D The 30 day kit looks like it could last for 2 months. I'd be more cautious next time in checking skin care products!

I wished lasting results with Proactiv. I'll be updating this post after 2-3 weeks if there would be a reaction when I stop using Proactiv. I could understand if I would get pimples like less than 5 a month (that's normal for me due to my PMS).

Disclaimer: I received this kit for free and not paid to review this product. Read my disclaimer here


  1. Your results so far look awesome! I used Proactiv for a while in high school but stopped because it didn't work for me :/ I heard if you stop using it though, the acne might start slowly coming back.


    1. I saw comments like that about Proactiv before. My current situation here was caused by a certain soap + mask kaya I break out badly. I wished it would come back na, if ever, I'll be updating this post :D

      Thanks for dropping by! Happy holidays!

  2. Results are wonderful. want this