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MySlim with Yerba Mate (Capsules, Drink, Powdered Drink)

Whenever we celebrate the holidays, there would always be parties everywhere together with our officemates, schoolmates, family and friends. Together with those parties, for sure there would be buffets - just imagine fruit cakes, Christmas ham, pies, pudding and more - expect it to be a calorific Christmas.

Then the next day, for sure most of us feel overstuffed, bloated and we just like to stay in bed to take more rest. In just a short period of time this holiday, you'll be surprised of how much weight you gain. I'm guilty of overeating BEFORE, I love to taste all meals served. But I changed it through baby steps, I just take small amounts of each meal I know I can finish.

I'm advised to take small feeding instead of 3 big meals a day since I have a slow metabolism - genes, but we're not obese btw. How do I help myself in beating a weight gain?
I'm taking a lot of water. I push myself to take 2 glasses of water BEFORE every meal. When I'm invited to an event, I make sure I'll get healthy food like fruits or veggies as well if possible. I'm not that strict with my choice of food, however, servings must be in moderation.

I don't worry right now because I'm practicing a diet I know I can do, guys we should stick with realistic goals here. To aid my diet, I'm also using mySlim with Yerba Mate.
Yerba Mate is a slimming herb common in the fields of the Southern America such as Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay. This tea is popular in South America because of its great benefit such as a fool proof energy booster.

Yerba Mate has a stimulant called mateine, it's somewhat similar to caffeine. This mateine can help increase your metabolism, energy thereby burning fat in the process. Yerba Mate was discovered safe and effective for detoxification. Another benefit of Yerba Mate is that it is helpful to your heart by increasing the supply of oxygen to the heart.

mySlim Yerba Matte Capsule, Drink, Powdered Drink

Apart from Yerba Mate, Myslim is also packed with Palatinose which promotes energy for longer periods of time. It also has Carnipure which reduces the sensation of hunger, therefore, reducing one’s food intake. We do not have to go far to Southern Brazil just to get this Yerba Matte, we have here MySlim products! Myslim is the first slimming and detox drink clinically proven in the Philippines to promote safe weight loss for its special Yerba Mate formulation.

Last week, I received a package from Myslim containing 2 Yerba Mate Drink, 4 sachets of Myslim Powdered Drink and a box of Myslim Dietary supplements. MySlim is formulated to loose weight and with ease. So I'm so excited to give it a try!

Myslim was developed by Vida Nutriscience Incorporated, one of the leading health and wellness products provider in the market and the country’s go-to provider of safe, novel and ethical health and wellness products.
mySlim Yerba Matte Drink

mySlimYerba Mate Drink Php 89

How to take: Drink 1 bottle at the comfort of your home because of detox effect every night 3 times a week.
mySlim Yerba Matte Capsule

Myslim Yerba Mate Dietary Supplement (30 caps/bottle) Php 540

How to use: Take one capsule two times a day after meals. Preferably in the morning after breakfast or noon after lunch.

Myslim Yerba Matte Drink in Sachets - Php 69

This is the first product I've tried because I saw these strawberries in the packaging, I craved and immediately stir it up on my glass of cold water to refreshen me.

I'm glad to know that I can take it together with my multivitamins. Check out most frequently ask questions about this product here {link}

I'll be updating this post soon after finishing the product line. I'm looking forward to the effect of Myslim to my body. It could be a great pair for my Curves session.

To know more about Myslim, please do visit www.vidanutriscience.com
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Facebook:  myslimPH
Twitter and Instagram : @myslimdetox


  1. The drink looks delicious! I haven't tried any weight loss program after giving birth because I still breastfeed my little one. Luckily, breastfeeding helps me to lose those unwanted fats. But this one looks interesting to try.

    Mommy Rockin' In Style

    1. I noticed that as well to most of my friends, after giving birth, 7 out of 10 of them loose weight more than I expect for a new mom! :)
      I wished I can be like that when I'll be a mom ;)

  2. Am on a trial right now with the capsules. Hope this will work on me.