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What is a MAC Mehr Dupe?

MAC MEHR - I believe it was back in 2011 from the MAC Mickey Contractor Collection for Spring, this shade from MAC was released. Mehr is matte which is labeled as a shade that's a Dirty blue pink. It's opaque in just one swipe! I haven't found a local brand with the same finish and performance. I find a hard time to find this in stores here in the Philippines, always runs out of stock for several months already.

Mehr is the most flattering pink I ever come across. But then I wondered what if I lost or finished my tube? I start to look for dupes of this shade. I saw a Pinterest dupe of MAC Mehr. I do not believe it at first because of the bullets seem to be quite different. Then I told myself I must check it with my own eyes!

We do not have Rimmel here in the Philippines, we just pre-order items from online shops catering products outside the country and had to wait for 3-4 weeks. I ordered this Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte from the Kate Moss Collection in #104.

And so I'm presenting my swatches of the two behind my arm. Both swiped once with the same application pressure ;)
Top: MAC Mehr
Bottom: Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte from the Kate Moss Collection in #104 
With Flash
Natural Light
I can say I succeed in finding a dupe for MAC Mehr in terms of shade. I always keep in mind that MAC would always be MAC, Rimmel is Rimmel. Mehr is Matte while Rimmel #104 is a semi-matte but opaque just like Mehr.

I'll be posting a separate blog post for the Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte from the Kate Moss Collection in #104 (such a long name).

 Find alternatives to some expensive brands keeping in mind that there might be a day that we're in a tight budget, that shade might get discontinued, or might not be available in our country, may just help other people save time as well. I love checking Pinterest and temptalia for dupes!

Share your favorite makeup dupes!


  1. I think the colors look very similar! I've actually never tried MAC lipsticks so maybe I don't have an eye for it >_< Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. I can't afford a MAC lipstick. I only get to try a few of them when my sister in law gave me as pasalubong but unfortunately,i don't like the shades that were given to me. I have read your post about Mehr and I got excited to open the link to the dupe hoping i can afford it. Thanks for this post!