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MeNow Generation II Long Lasting Lip Gloss Review

These aren't lipglosses, they're liquid matte lipsticks. I saw several reviews of this tubes way back 2012 from beauty blogs/vlogs and this got my attention lately. It comes with a variety of colors with a matte finish. Some shades can be a dupe to Limecrime Velvetines.

Packaging: Test tube with a doe foot applicator similar to Inglot Sleek Lip Gloss:

My Thoughts:
  • I noticed that light colors tend to remove quickly than the darker ones. Lighter shades feel a bit tacky than my other shades.
  • Has a fruit plastic smell
  • It dries to a matte finish and feels quite tacky when I press my lips together.
  • Available online only, even tho it's made in China, I didn't saw any tube when I visit Divisoria
  • Stays on for hours, 8+ HOURS particularly the darker shades, reapplication may be needed to the inner lip area. It breakdowns with oil, so watch out when you eat!
  • Shade comes in numbers only printed in a sticker
  • Difficult to remove, I can use my makeup remover, however, it might use more than what I need for a lip area.
  • No ingredients provided
  • I actually thought it might just be the same with the Excel Paris 24hr matte lip creams, but 
  • Always apply to dry lips
  • Swipe a small patch in your skin and check what kind of Makeup Remover you can use.
  • Do not apply lip balm
  • After application, let it dry first. Do not smack lips together
10 - chromatic peach
36 - chromatic fuschia
28 - deep red orange
20 - medium peach-pink
Comes with a doe foot applicator
Check MeNow Swatches here:
Lip Swatches:
MeNow Generation II #10 swatch
MeNow Generation II #20 swatch
MeNow Generation II #28 swatch
MeNow Generation II #36 swatch
See how hard to remove these liquid lipsticks

Do I like this product? Yes! but I do not like the tacky feeling

I may not recommend this to people who doesn't like the tacky feeling, lipstick lovers who prefer unscented products, matte dry lip feeling, sensitive end users, or if you're not a fan of 'Made in China' Cosmetics considering MeNow has unknown ingredients. Some readers might raise their eyebrows here, but I'm also torn with the pigmentation, longevity, performance over the product ingredients. I've made my research and I haven't read or view anything experiencing something bad after using the product.

I find them surprisingly incredible for a very low price. It's sold in Ebay for only $0.99 each, converted into peso, that's around Php 45. However, to skip the terror of Custom Taxes, there are some online shops selling this MeNow Liquid Lipsticks in the Philippines. You may also check out BeautyMNL.


  1. I've never heard of this brand, but oh my, they're so inexpensive! I'm really loving how #28 and #36 looks on your lips ^^ I'll be looking into these soon, thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi Nicole!

      Agree with you! Red shades might look good on you since you have a fair skin :)

  2. I love how #10 looks good on your lips. I want to try #36! :)

    Mommy Rockin' In Style

  3. Ask lang po if open po ba sila this coming March 29-31?

    Thanks much Ms. Glenda

    1. Pa -specify po nung question in relation to this blog post po ba? :)

    2. Ask lang po if open po ba ang Taytay Tiangge this coming March 29-31?

      Thanks much Ms. Glenda