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Syringoma Electrocautery Experience

We have this benign kind of skin tumor around our eyelids called Syringoma, it's familial. When I'm having my facial, all aestheticians who clean my face always mentioned this Electrocautery to remove syringoma.

I was hesitant when I heard 'ELECTROCAUTERY' n. cautery using a needle or other instrument that is electrically heated. - I'm afraid it may cause a scar to my eye area and I feel nervous about the process of electrically heating the instrument. Any adverse effect of this treatment can be worse if the process will be not successful.

I decided to give it a shot. I had a schedule for Electrocautery in Flawless and the doctor examined my syringoma first, Good thing Flawless Doctor Consultation is free. She also explained several things about the process and things to do after the process, so I can decide if I would like to proceed.

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Electrocautery Syringoma Package - Eye Area only - Php 3,500
Post Cautery Cream - Php 350

Consent Message from Flawless
Electrocautery is a safe procedure that is used to remove unwanted or harmful tissue. It is a process of destroying tissue with electricity. A small probe is used wherein the electric current runs through it to cauterize/destroy the tissue. It is also used to stop bleeding. Electrocautery causes the superficial destruction of tissues and is used for other small benign lesions in which minimal scarring is important.
During and after the procedure, the following may be experienced: stinging, itching, burning, mild pain, tightness, peeling and scabbing of the superficial layer of the skin. These sensations will gradually diminish over the course of several days.I understand that there is a risk of developing a temporary or permanent pigment (color) change in the skin, or even scarring.
Dear Readers, if you're planning to try Electrocautery if would be better if you can go to the skincare center without makeup. (I went here after my office hours that's why :p )
The Aesthetician started to clean my eye area (only) and applied this anesthesia cream, covered it with plastic and then let it settle for an hour. I even fell asleep while waiting. I didn't feel anything with the cream. 

After an hour, the doctor started to use this scary probe for electrocauterization. I could definitely say it's a bit scary. I'm afraid it may reach my eyes! :)) I had to calm down the whole procedure.
It took her around 30 minutes to cauterize my syringoma. It didn't feel anything at all, I noticed that how the doctor touched my face feels harder than when the probe touched my skin. Milias are left and untouched. She told me it's not included with my package.

Check how my eye area looks like right after my session and how it look like after several days.

Post Cautery Instructions from Flawless
  1. Do not wet cauterized areas for at least 24 hours.
  2. Do not rub or scratch cauterized areas
  3. May experience stinging and itching sesation
  4. Apply cautery cream 3x a day for 5-7 days or until scabs fall off.
  5. Avoid direct sun exposure. If sun exposure is not to be avoided, apply sunblock every 3-4 hours. Possible pigmentation may occur when exposed to too much sun.
  6. May take oral antihistamines Cetirizine 10mg/tab for the itch
  7. If infection sets in, you may take _______.
  8. Scabs or crust usually fall off in 5-7 days, sometimes longer depending on the areas cauterized.
  9. Maintenance may start after scabs falling off
  10. For syringoma after the scabs fall off, the skin may be erythematous and edematous.
This would usually subside in a week. Syringoma may not be flatten in just 1 session; electrocautery may be repeated after 1 month

The doctor advised my to get their post cautery cream.

My post experience:

I didn't experience itchiness after my cautery, it feels nothing. I only do my brows and a little lip color - skip my foundation and other powders, but I didn't skip my sunblock. The first time I wash my face, it feels nothing, It doesn't feel sore either. Tried Cetaphil and sometimes J&J Baby Soap, it didn't irritate at all.

Some bumps are gone already. I was offered to come back after 2 weeks for a follow-up check-up and if I still need another session for free. However, I cannot visit the SAME doctor in the branch since I'm assigned to a different place that day. The doctor assigned to me only attends the branch every FRIDAY(Doc 1).

I went to Flawless (the following Monday since I wasn't able to catch them last Friday), I already explained it to them but I heard that the doctors(Doc1 and 2) already talked (over the phone) to each other that my follow up session has already been forfeited and I will be paying for another session, since most of the bumps are still visible. I think this part is so unfair for me.

I've read that some syringomas will never stop multiplying no matter what you do or even if you treat them, some still goes back. In my case, I noticed that they didn't multiply over time. Sometimes they just look bigger after the whole day, but get's smaller once I already wash my face. After my session, changes I noticed: smaller ones are removed and peeled together with its scabs. The bigger ones are still there. Almost nothing change noticeable enough after the whole healing process of my Electrocautery. 

Recommendation: See your own derma for their advice. I may not be the right one to tell you what's best for your skin.

I hope this experience would be some what helpful to people thinking to treat their syringoma. 


  1. I had a similar procedure about 5 years ago I think. And no follow up, so yeah I still have those evil thingies, ha ha!

    1. Hi Meikah!

      Really? I just thought at first it can be removed in just 1 session, thinking that syringoma's are smaller than warts. I have my friend who got several warts, tried cauterization and she's now having a wart-free face! :D

  2. I also had a procedure a decade ago. I remember my derma telling me, "Sigurado ka? Binabarayan mo ako para saktan ka." LOL! I actually ask her to stop the procedure midway because the topical anesthesia was wearing off. Ang sakit eh! Well, it's genetics so I have them again. Glad to know you did not feel any pain during the procedure, I might consider their services.

    1. sobrang sakit nyan. para kang tinatu-an sa mukha

  3. Ang sakeeeeeeeettttt... pinahinto ko yung nag cauterize sa akin.... but i still manage again d pain😁

    1. let me know po if bumalik or completely po na nawala :D

  4. hi, ask lang po if ang syringoma scars after the cautery will last how many months po? ang akin po kasi mga 2weeks palang so visible tlaga ang scars. nawawala po ba ang scars totally? salamat po

    1. Scars are completely gone as well as redness after a month :)
      slowly fading starts in 1st week

  5. nawawala po ba totally ang scars after cauterization?

  6. I tried cauterization process just 3 days ago. I am still having the black thing around and still in the healing process. The therapist said it will be okay after a week. huhuhuh It was so painful. I hope there will be no scar left.

    1. Dont worry flora, it may take a week to 2 weeks for the healing process, mines all gone (scabbing).

  7. I got mine removed last friday. Sa RCC Amazing touch, they use cashew cream and its herbal so the lady didn’t apply any anesthesia, sobrang sakit promise. Una she use a needle like thing para iscratch per area ng syringoma and then thats the time she applied the cream yun yung sobrang sakit na part. After procedure she just gave me a soap and toner for cleansing. Now I have the black/reddish mark from the procedure and she told me to come back after 3weeks for check up. Let’s see what happens after a week na matagal yung scrabs

  8. Hi! any update po sa syringoma scar nyo? Nag patanggal rin po ako last april, but yon discoloration ng sakin meron pa rin. Medyo lighter sya compare sa other eyelid skin and may bump pa.