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My Scribble & Calligraphy Haul

In Instagram, I saw several pretty calligraphy posts and it makes me feel challenged to try it too. I know cursive writing since I studied in a Catholic School which is administered by St. Paul, we're taught to write in Paulinian writing (Cursive) since elementary. Not sure if they already teach this in Kindergarten.

Calligraphy supplies are not available to our local bookstores. I'm eyeing for brands which I saw from several local IG users. They bought it online and some have physical shops.

I was about to end buying online, until I found Ink Scribbler, they also own The Craft Central- office is located in San Juan, they accept walk-in buyers and clients and their private session for calligraphy classes.
Taken by @inkscribbler
Click on read more to check what I bought :)
I bought these new pens and nibs:
  • Cocoiro Refill Php 145 (Red, Mint Green, Black)
  • Cocoiro Body Php 74
  • Zig Kuretake Fudebiyori Brush Pens Php 65 (Metallic Gold Php 117)
  • Nib : Leonardt G Php 100
  • Nib : Hunt 22B Php 90
  • Nib : Esterbrook 354 Php 75
  • Indian Ink Php 150
  • Oblique Holder Php 150
*prices may change without prior notice

My favorite: Their Zig Cocoiro Refills (Extra Fine)
I'm glad they offer nibs and speedball holder - it's quite expensive if bought in local bookstore supplies.
I'm thinking if these could already hold me off from buying supplies, but I think I can't resist Cocoiro Extra Fine. I can actually go to their office everyday since I'm just located in the same building :")

My love for makeup starts with love for colors. I'm not that good in calligraphy yet, but I still love to write in different colors. I draw or doodle when I'm bored. I like to make my planner colorful as well.
I even bought several sets of pens and markers in different colors to save more than buying it individually :p

I'm still learning this skill by watching several Youtube and Instagram videos. Pinterest also help in giving stroke ideas!

I feel relaxed when writing using colored stuffs, maybe that is because of Color Psychology!

**I am not affiliated with InkScribbles/TheCraftCentral, I'm just sharing my little haul here :D


  1. I'm very curious with trying calligraphy and it's all because of Instagram as well! Thank you for sharing about this hobby and where we can get the pens to use. :)


    1. Hi Jam,

      No worries! I'm still practicing at my own pace and style of writing. Most Instagram calligraphy/scribble posts are well done! I hope I can do better too. :D

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. You're a Paulinian din pala? I am too. From Paranaque. :) I am perhaps the only Paulinian who never got to master the "Paulinian handwriting". Hehe.


  3. Lovely pens! I like calligraphy, too, but I just enjoy seeing it and not doing it myself ;)

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