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My Lay Bare Waxing Experience

Lay Bare
I was excited to try waxing and I'm lucky to book a Full Arm Hair removal during my lunch break.

Lay Bare has small private cubicles. I was assisted by their waxing technicians Ms. Minerva and another girl. My very first time of waxing, I thought I should only need 1 wax technicians. Maybe to handle the time faster, it would be better if they're 2 in this session.

Sorry, I cannot take photos during the session since they both hold my arm. Let me show to you my BEFORE arm which got MORE THAN an inch of hair. It's not as thick what you may think, however, it was black as my hair and straight.
FULL ARM WAXING for Women Service of Lay Bare costs Php 280

The wax technicians wore gloves from the start till the end of their waxing. They asked my to remove my upper shirt and use a cover up towel then lay down.

Waxing Experience:
I believe that I have high pain tolerance, but I still the pain especially if the two of them start to tug and pull the cold wax to my both arms. My first time for my arms waxing felt like they're pulling or scraping my skin alternately. They asked me to check my arms if there are parts need to be waxed again as there are some areas where it has a small strand of hair left. It's not 100% hair free, I think it's just 95%. It didn't bleed during and after an hour. They applied a soothing cream after the session.

Post Waxing Care:
  • Minor redness, itching and soreness of the skin are perfectly normal reactions after waxing and will subside after 24-48 hours. 
  • Refrain from waxing the newly waxed are for 4 hours. If you get waxed during the early evening, wait until the next day to wash it. 
  • Apply Lay Bare Soothing Cream soon after the waxing and continue on until your next session.
  • Don't scratch or rub the area; be gentle on your skin. Avoid putting on makeup, lotion, powder, cologne, deodorant, etc. right after waxing.
  • Avoid sun exposure; otherwise schedule your beach trip 2 days after getting waxed and use sunscreen with at least SPF30.
  • Avoid hot baths, sauna or steam treatments.
  • Refrain from strenuous activities that will make you sweat to prevent any bacterial infection
  • Use Laye Bare Exfoliating Cream after 7 days.
I still wear my jacket right after the session. Anyway, it was a loose jacket. Why? It was 08202015 around lunch time and rain drizzles all my way back to my office. So I would prefer to cover my arms than let the rain touch those newly waxed arms.

Day 1, I experience a small itchy lumps similar to lumps caused by insect bites on my right arm. Left arm was completely smooth without any lump at all.
Day 2, minimal right arm lumps. Till this day, I'm not apply anything to my arms after a bath.

If you asked me what I use to wash my body, I'm currently using JOHNSON'S® Baby TOP-TO-TOE® Wash. As I believe it was safe for babies - I feel I have a baby skin after waxing that's why I'm afraid to use body soap and wash. Maybe after finishing my J&J
Newly waxed skin!
What I can say:
I'm happy I've tried my first arm waxing experience with Lay Bare! They took around 15 minutes to finish my arms - I think it was fast already.

I noticed that they also have some gifts to all their clients:
  • Get 15% OFF on the birthday month + Get 1 free Eyebrow Threading!
  • 20% OFF to Senior Citizen and Person wit Disability Clients. Just don't forget to bring your ID. :)
 2/F Connecticut Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan
 Phone/Fax: (02)6614631 or 0943-579-3963

Have you tried waxing? How does it feel?
Do you like doing it yourself or going to wax salon such as Lay Bare?


  1. That's great! I am the same as you and kinda afraid to give it a try :/


    1. I'm actually worried on what will happen or how would it look like after several weeks, would it grow a thicker strand or a less longer one like before. :")

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of waxing! I have always been a loyal customer of Lay Bare ever since they started. In fact, I have their plastic VIP card already. Haha. Do use a body scrub about 3 days post-waxing to prevent in-growths because it's really itchy once the hair grows underneath the skin and doesn't break through it. The type of hair that grows after is not so much different from the type of hair that you have in the first place. No it doesn't grow thinner with regular waxing. I've been doing this for years and it's pretty much the same. Also, take a pill of Ibuprofen about 30 minutes before you wax next time to make the pain more tolerable. :)

    Mnel || http://lifeonreverse.com

    1. It feels different after waxing! I still think that this is not my arm since it's so smooth already. I wished someone informed me regarding the Ibuprofen before I decided to try waxing. I hope I can have more time in the morning to do scrub, I only do it during the end of the day so I'll not end up scratching it while in bed. I just noticed that I got more in-growths on my right arm than the other one. :)

      Thanks for dropping by!