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Skin Potion's Lip Candy in Snow White's Kiss

Lately, I'm having one of my mannerisms, pulling the chapped part of my dry lips. I decided to stop using lipstick just because I'm lazy to do my makeup in the morning. I have a lip balm from Nivea Lip balm Active Care SPF 15 - the blue tube - yes it's for men, yet it doesn't heal the lips completely, but I like how it moisturize. PS: I'm taking a lot of fluids every day. Probably the rainy weather of June - July and the lipsticks I'm using before made my lips a bit more drying.
Skin Potion's Lip Candy in Snow White's Kiss
Skin Potion's Lip Candy in Snow White's Kiss
Product Description:
A moisturizing lip balm that will leave your lips pigmented and soft the whole day. Made with organic and natural oils and waxes that penetrate deep within

Shea Butter, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Fruit Pigment
Skin Potion's Lip Candy in Snow White's Kiss
Swatched at the back of my hand, it leaves this tiny pigments
Skin Potion's Lip Candy in Snow White's Kiss
Skin Potion's Lip Candy in Snow White's Kiss
I have pale lips normally, swatched with 1-2 swipes of the lip balm. It looks like ombre.. liptint in a lip balm when applied.
  • Glides easily on the lips
  • Packaging is okay, I'm glad that the cap doesn't easily falls off. I also like the design prints - Girly~! Stickers are intact.
  • Red Pigmentation is good, It's buildable and could last up to 4-5 hours. Wearable for a daily use.
  • Deeply moisturize the lips and helps to heal chapped lips
  • Organic and natural
  • Affordable for an organic lip balm with a long lasting tint!
  • Smell. Berries
  • It was also available in other colors! Pink, Plum, and Orange
  • Taste. something bitter but goes away after a while
  • Packaging prints contain limited information about the product - only product description and the ingredients
  • No sun protection
  • Availability: Limited resellers and shops but don't worry they also do shipping! 

My Thoughts:
I saw different photos of feedbacks from this lip balm on their Instagram - due to my curiosity, I would like to prove it myself if it was really as pigmented as those pics - since most of them has filters. This lip balm softens my chapped lips, I'm using it 3 days already and I didn't have any chapped lips so far. I wonder what will happen if I stop using this. I believe that this was organic and natural, however, the Skin Potion's Main claims that lifespan is 2 years after opening. It has natural preservatives. Regular lip balms normally oughta 1-year lifespan and this Skin Potion's Lip candy as it contains natural ingredients must used to have a shorter lifespan than the regular ones. Anyway, I think I can consume the tube in half a year because I love it! My sister also requests to have a tube for herself.I'm not yet sure if I should get the same color or the pink one instead.

Price: P180 - Bought this for P162 (On sale - SRP P180) from Ms. Aiza of Skin Potions - Greenhills Distributor

Treat your lips with the love they deserve!


  1. Thanks for sharing darling!

  2. My very first meet-up. Thank you for this review, sis! You're a good buena mano, I had more transactions since then.. God bless you! -Aiza

    1. I vibe you the other day and bought strawberry shortcake & lash serum sa Shoppesville! I hope to try more skin potions products soon :D