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REVIEW: Kokuryu Super Summer Cake

It's been a while since my last post. To all makeup lovers like me, have you tried doing the 1 MONTH MAKEUP BAN - No buying of new makeup for a month? I tried but I failed. I should stop trying the 1-month makeup ban because I ended up buying more than normal. >.< I even don't know why :))

Whenever I roam inside SM Megamall Beauty Section inside the department store, I always saw Kokuryu Kiosk without trying to check out their products. I've read GIRLTalk Forums and different facebook Makeup Artist Groups mentioning this brand. Many makeup artists used it for their clients - during pageants and pictorials When I checked Instagram as well, it was also imported to nearby countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Now I'm convinced to buy their famous Kokuryu Summer Cake foundation. I think my face powders are around 10-40% left - I think they're 4 of them and all of them hit the pan. I need a new one just in case I need to throw most of them.
Kokuryu Summer Cake
Kokuryu Summer Cake in Orange Blush

Body Spa treatment at Dermcare, Robinsons Place Antipolo

Today June 13, 2015, I decided to try Dermcare's Body Spa service. It was a body treatment package of Steam, Bath, Whitening Body Scrub, Massage (Php 900). Same as to other Dermcare branches, they all got that 'Royal setup' and luxurious ambiance. I love their couch!

I was assigned to Joan as my therapist. She assists me where to place my things inside their cabinet with keys, and she told me to keep it until end of the treatment. I was accepted inside their VIP Room - I think it was their biggest room. It has 3 bed, bathtub, and dresser room.