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Taytay Tiangge Shopping (DECEMBER 2018)

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Most of us already went to different bazaars especially Christmas Season. Who doesn't want to save almost half the price you're going to pay to those bazaars if you can buy it directly from the supplier? :D Several online sellers buy from Taytay Tiangge, even those people from Divisoria get their stocks here. Sometimes, I feel like I don't like to go to Divisoria anymore because it's too much crowded especially Holiday Season.
I always wanted to visit Taytay Tiangge because of it's low priced RTW (Ready To Wear) items and other garments. 

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I celebrated labor day to rest and shop! It's Friday, May 1, 2015, regular holiday here in the Philippines. This blog was written 2015, I try to keep it updated as possible but still busy with other stuff so please forgive me I can answer all comments here.

Tips before going to Taytay Tiangge:
  1. Just like any shopping day, make sure you have your 'priority list' you can always stick with. There're a lot of garments offered inside the Tiangge and you might just forget what you really need to buy.
  2. Bring your own shopping bag, the bigger, the better. I ended up buying this because my eco bag is no longer comfortable to use because it's already full, at least I know I can still use it when I go to Divisoria :) and even in Antipolo (No to plastics inside the market area and even inside grocery stores) 
  3. Wear something comfortable: Thick slippers like Sandugo, Sandals, Rubber shoes. You may pass to some areas with gravel roads, but most are already cemented. It's also a protection in case somebody can accidentally step over you.
    You may also need to wear a mask because of the dusty gravel area.
  4. Bring a drink for refreshment. There are food vendors inside the area, but it's best to have it handy. You might need to spare at least 2-3 hours inside Taytay Tiangge if it's your first time to shop here and looking for the food stores might give you the nuisance to look for.
  5. Visit the place during their bazaar schedule. Check their latest schedule hereDuring weekends Taytay tiangge is also open, The earlier the better! Some stalls are already opened at 12 am. A seller told me that they have fresh new stocks and designs early in the morning, they have more sizes available for the latest designs. Oh, I remember some shorts I really like which were already out of stock for my size when I arrived around 7 am. They have morning and night market schedule.

  6. Bring a hand fan, face towel, or face mask if you need to. I used to wear face mask here because of too many fibers from clothes can cause allergies for me. 
  7. Be careful with your belongings and your gadgets. There's a lot of snatchers and thieves inside the area. Just be smart and alert! Always have your bags near you. Avoid wearing jewelry if possible. Just wear something comfortable, not noticeable.
  8. Do the math for your purchase and always check your change, you can bring a small calculator or a low-end phone
  9. Bring enough CASH for shopping, BDO ATM is the nearest one nearby Chowking. 
  10. Almost all stalls don't have a price tag, better ask the seller for prices. And ask if its the wholesale or retail price. They do not set prices the way other Tiangge in Divisoria/Baclaran/Greenhills does. I have never experience judgemental sellers here in Taytay as they are fair to all their buyers. They would provide the same price if you look well groomed or just woke up. However, some stalls change their prices depending on what time you buy. During opening or closing time, they have their regular prices, then when it's mid of their selling time, the prices increased already :))
A blouse from Greenhills priced at P150, Taytay Tiangge sellers offer it for around P60!
You can also see several OVERRUN garments here (same items selling in bazaars like Eastwood, Greenhills, Other tiangge, even malls)

Let me share first some items I bought:
(sorry for low-quality photos, I didn't use my other phone for safety reasons :D )
Floral Printed Canvas Bag P75
Shorts from different sizes P55
Bodycon Formal Dress P80
Jerseys from P35 - P50

Pompom Shorts P45

Most tops are less than P100 each
Pants, jogging pants, dress are more or less than P200
My officemate was able to buy a office pants for only P80

You may also find different leggings, Jeggings, Midi Skirts, Dress, Crop tops, Kids Garments, Kimonos, swimsuits. You can also find overruns, bedsheets, towels.

Unlike Divisoria that can offer wholesale purchase at least 6 or 12 pcs, in Taytay Tiangge, wholesale starts at 3pcs only and you'll have less P5-P15 or more depends on the seller and the clothing you're planning to buy.

For foreign readers here's a conversion Current PHP and USD rate:
P50.02 = 1 USD as of 2/17/2017
P49.77 = 1 USD as of 12/13/2016
P47.22 = 1 USD as of 12/2/2015
P44.62 = 1 USD as of 5/5/2015

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Thank you ❤