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Long wearing eyeliners for oily lids

I love eyeliners, it helps my eyes look more defined than without any. I have oily lids + the summer humid season right now here in the Philippines makes it more oily. :)) I just need one of the best eyeliner that could stay at least 8-10 hours a day.

I have tried many [affordable] eyeliners: Pencils, Liquid with a felt tip, Liquid with brush tip & Pen Felt Tip.  I do not prefer high-end ones for eyeliners because they do expire in less than a year. I start to toss them whenever they already change the smell. I have several problems with these eyeliners since some of them smudge, cuts out the 'wing' at the end of the day, cracks, change of color - from dark black to faded gray or fades totally. I like to apply eyeliner alone, without any eye primer. I just think that eye primers are for eyeshadows. :P

Let me share with you what I'm using lately. These are 2 products!
  1. L.A. Colors GRAFIX eyeliner - Black
  2. Etude House Oh m' Eye Line #1 Black - P248

Yes! I'm using 2 eyeliners for my oily lids over the 1st one!  It doesn't work the job I need when used alone only.

After my foundation, I used L.A. Colors GRAFIX Eyeliner first then after it dries, I started to line it again with Etude House Oh m' Eye Line

They're very black, Oh m' Eye Line tends to crack when used alone - but I really like how it gives a Matte Black finish. LA Colors Grafix Eyeliner looks black with shine.

I first tried them both just yesterday and I'm so happy with the result that I blog it today Haha!
  • 8am - application
  • 7pm - I got home from work and I have them in shape
  • 9pm - still there and I start to remove my makeup it with a wet towel - I find it easier to remove makeup using a microfiber face towel :)


  1. I can see that it also works for chinitas with monolids. I always have that problem with eyeliner.

    1. Yes its really strenuous looking for a single eyeliner that could work the right thing. I end up using 2 different products haha

  2. Replies
    1. Yup! we all have oil glands din to that area :D

  3. I tried Etude House Oh m' Eye Line! Amazingly magical!

  4. I needs more practice to its sleek and soft brush :D