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San San Rosanne Blush Collection

Fall in love with the beauty of Summer Roses!

I haven't been buying any cosmetics for around 2 weeks I think? I just feel I had to let go some of them and focus to my skin care. However it changed when I went to HBC, I'm just planning to check available shades for hair coloring and then I noticed something new to me: Rosanne Collection from San San!

So here's the box packaging. It comes with this pink box and a gold strip at the bottom where the shade was printed. They have a printed lot, mfg and exp dates at the bottom of the box - now that's helpful! 3 years shelf life? Yes! I can even share it with my sister as soon as she gets more kikay? :D
Rosanne Collection Blush On - P75 each

Long wearing eyeliners for oily lids

I love eyeliners, it helps my eyes look more defined than without any. I have oily lids + the summer humid season right now here in the Philippines makes it more oily. :)) I just need one of the best eyeliner that could stay at least 8-10 hours a day.

I have tried many [affordable] eyeliners: Pencils, Liquid with a felt tip, Liquid with brush tip & Pen Felt Tip.  I do not prefer high-end ones for eyeliners because they do expire in less than a year. I start to toss them whenever they already change the smell. I have several problems with these eyeliners since some of them smudge, cuts out the 'wing' at the end of the day, cracks, change of color - from dark black to faded gray or fades totally. I like to apply eyeliner alone, without any eye primer. I just think that eye primers are for eyeshadows. :P

Let me share with you what I'm using lately. These are 2 products!
  1. L.A. Colors GRAFIX eyeliner - Black
  2. Etude House Oh m' Eye Line #1 Black - P248

Yes! I'm using 2 eyeliners for my oily lids over the 1st one!  It doesn't work the job I need when used alone only.

After my foundation, I used L.A. Colors GRAFIX Eyeliner first then after it dries, I started to line it again with Etude House Oh m' Eye Line

They're very black, Oh m' Eye Line tends to crack when used alone - but I really like how it gives a Matte Black finish. LA Colors Grafix Eyeliner looks black with shine.

I first tried them both just yesterday and I'm so happy with the result that I blog it today Haha!
  • 8am - application
  • 7pm - I got home from work and I have them in shape
  • 9pm - still there and I start to remove my makeup it with a wet towel - I find it easier to remove makeup using a microfiber face towel :)

Beginner's Makeup Artist Kit (Pinay Drugstore brands)

I've asked several makeup artists in the Philippines, read most of their recommendations and ended up with this list. I hope this could be helpful to those who's starting to build their career or start being a makeup lover. They've mentioned local and mid-range brands.

Just be reminded that if would still up to you to try it. It may or may not work for an individual due to different circumstances. Everything can be bought in our local beauty stores or even online. In no order, here's the list: 
Maybelline Poreless Babyskin
ELF Face Primer
ELF Eyelid Primer

Revlon Colorstay
Maybelline Liquid Mousse
L'oreal True Match Liquid Foundation
Kokuryu Summercake
Nichido Blush Earth Color
FS Cosmetics 2 Way Foundation
BYS (Shades are close enough to Pinay Skin)
Cover Girl for sensitive skin
ELF High Definition Powder

Philippine Couriers I've tried

Update 03.13.2018: Shipping rates might not be updated in this blog post, kindly double check rates to their respective official sites. I've removed couriers that don't exist this year 2018, or those I haven't really tried for months.

Hi, everyone! Let me share with you some of my stories working with some of the couriers here in the Philippines. I love online shopping and I also love online selling. Online selling was able to support my bills during college. I remember I need to buy some orders and arrived late because I need to ship them. Thinking of a good courier to ship your goods was very hard. I experience doubts with some of them if they can ship it as soon as possible to my consignee.
It's either I have tried to ship using their services or I received something from them. I hope this could be useful to you guys. If you're planning to set up an online shop and have the option to ship the orders, check out these options I've personally tried.

this might be a long post for you guys. more after the jump...