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City Color Be Matte Lipstick

I'm in hunt of a real matte lipstick in an affordable version. There's a lot of matte lipstick in the market having a label as matte but not matte at all. Looks matte on the packaging but not when applied- still feel creamy also. So here I've tried City Color Be Matte Lipsticks.

City Color Be Matte Lipstick Description:
Be Matte Lipstick is every girl’s must-have secret! Rich with pigmentation and a matte finish, these lipsticks are touched with Vitamin E to nourish your lips and provide long-lasting color. In 36 stunning shades, you will want to collect them all!
City Color Be Matte Lipstick comes with 36 colors, all girls have different options when it comes to shades. I also think that "Hey! I can wear different colors of lipstick in a month!". They're somewhat like Wet n Wild Mega last lipstick. 

What I like:
*matte finish
*a bit creamy texture
*great pigmentation and coverage
*around 4-5 staying power
*no weird taste
*36 shades that could fit every skin tone

What I do not like:
*cheap looking packaging? but atleast I can see the shades through its cap
*some people might find it drying on the lips
*not available here in Philippines except to a limited number of online sellers
*shape: I'm not into square tube lipstick
*may have a loose cap
Price: $4.99 [http://citycolorcosmetics.com/]

What shades do you like from my swatches? I'm into Latte or Denise ^_^


  1. Ultrapink, Kelly, and Lola looks fantastic! I'm using Wet and Wild now and it's really great. Love the texture and how it stays for a loooong time on the lips. :)


  2. Kelly and Marissa look interesting. I'd have to agree about the packaging, though.

  3. I love the packaging, the packaging doesnt look cheap for me i guess its made for the lipstick to not consume too much space inside a make up kit hehe

  4. I like the Bright Red and Kelly color...

  5. Do you by any chance have a lip swatch of Kelly? I'm seeing different swatches everywhere and I was hoping coming from you who has a similar skin tone to me it'd be a lot more correct ~