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Review: MiaCare Acne Patch (for Night)

Hi everyone, I've been busy lately I was not able to do any review posts. I got some pimples like 1-3 pimpolets a month, compared when I'm still in high school and college days. I think due to PMS & Commuting pollution + stress or lack of enough sleep makes more pimples grow.
I'm doing this quick review of MiaCare Acne Patch. I saw it when I roam around Watson's last week -  I noticed this Acne Patch and a pretty lady on it's packaging ^_^
It comes with multiple patches but I've only bought 3 patches first. I do not need a lot right now and I'd like to try it for a review.

It costs less than Php 20 for the 3 patches already. Even teens could afford to try it :)
They have 3 varieties:
  • Day
  • Night
  • Day & Night
It can only be used with Pimples with heads (i.e. pus) so therefore, it may not work with active pimples/cystic pimples
As you can see on this photo, Miacare patch did covered my pimples. It's like a concealer adhesive with a pimple-fighting ingredients! Haha!
  • Night Patch has a thicker hydro-colloid dressing which means better absorption for the pimples.
  • Day Patch has UV protection. 
Say good bye to acne overnight!