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CD-R King Wireless-N USB Network Adapter (300MBPS)

Toffee set up a desktop pc for me last weekend.  He wants me to consider it as my blogging pc (Thank you so much dear :*) Before I'm using my HP netbook inside my room - I think its almost 5 years already. Imagine in 5 years, how many updates it went through? The hardware itself cannot support my activities. Last December 2014, he bought the parts and the last pieces was bought this month. Oh I forgot I do not have any internet connection yet since this was a desktop pc.
I prefer not to create a LAN network connection. I think of starting to crimp those wires, proper wiring and placement until I realized there's no more ethernet ports to our modem.

Works with IEEE 802.11b/g standard (at 2.4GHz) for compatibility & mobility
Up to 54 Mbps data transfer rate
Support USB 2.0
Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure mode
Soft AP feature creates AP (Access Point) function
Compact pocket-sized design, lightweight
Interface: USB 2.0
Compatible with Operating system Windows 7-8
Plug and Play
Driver Installation supports Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista

Chipset: Realtek RTL8192CU
Standard: lEEE 802.11n; 802.11g; lEEE 802.11b
Wireless parameter RF frequency: 2.4~2.4835GHz
Data rate: 11n-Up to 300Mbps (dynamic)
Data security: 64/128bit WEP/WPA/WPA2/ WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK(TKIP-AES)
Modulation type: CCK/OFDM/BPSK/ QPSK/16-QAM
Work channel: 1~14
Transmission Distance: Indoor up to 50M Outdoor up to 100m
Transmission rate:
11b: 1/2/5.3/11Mbps
11g: 6/9/12/18/24/36/48/54Mbps
11n: Up to 300Mbps
Interface: USB 2.0; LED (green): Link/Act
Power: <= 2.5W
WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) with one-click button
Antenna: Built-in PIFA gain antenna
Operating system: Windows 2000/WIN XP/ Vista/Win7/Win8/Mac OS Linux
Dimensions: 19mm x 40mm x 8mm
Packaging Dimensions: 120mm x 20mm x 146mm
Net Weight: 5g
Gross Weight: 33g

Package Content:

 Most desktop PC connect via LAN connection. This time I prefer using wifi connection. [Most] Desktop PC do not have a built in wifi to their motherboards, so in order to connect to a hotspot I need this stuff. It comes with a mini cd installer for the drivers
I've checked CD-R King in Greenhills and bought this WIFI Adapter which costs P390. They also offer other kinds of adapter like 150 Mbps. If you have a small area with less obstacles like walls, cabinets, I may go for 150 Mbps, but to be sure I bought 300Mbps. I think 300 Mbps increases network data transfer speed, download speed and upload speed - but do not forget to consider the location of the adapter and the modem itself.
  • Note: If your PC do not have a CD Reader, you cannot install the driver except if you get a downloadable driver instead. You need to use other computer with a internet connection to do this. The product site  itself doesn't offer a link where you could download the driver unlike other products of CD-R King. Don't worry if you checked my blog try to download it here:
    [CD-R KING WIRELESS-N USB NETWORK ADAPTER (300MBPS) Driver installer] PS: If download link doesn't work feel free to email me, I could email to you the installer when I'm free.

I consider this stuff a must buy in CD-R King.

Review: MiaCare Acne Patch (for Night)

Hi everyone, I've been busy lately I was not able to do any review posts. I got some pimples like 1-3 pimpolets a month, compared when I'm still in high school and college days. I think due to PMS & Commuting pollution + stress or lack of enough sleep makes more pimples grow.
I'm doing this quick review of MiaCare Acne Patch. I saw it when I roam around Watson's last week -  I noticed this Acne Patch and a pretty lady on it's packaging ^_^
It comes with multiple patches but I've only bought 3 patches first. I do not need a lot right now and I'd like to try it for a review.

It costs less than Php 20 for the 3 patches already. Even teens could afford to try it :)
They have 3 varieties:
  • Day
  • Night
  • Day & Night
It can only be used with Pimples with heads (i.e. pus) so therefore, it may not work with active pimples/cystic pimples
As you can see on this photo, Miacare patch did covered my pimples. It's like a concealer adhesive with a pimple-fighting ingredients! Haha!
  • Night Patch has a thicker hydro-colloid dressing which means better absorption for the pimples.
  • Day Patch has UV protection. 
Say good bye to acne overnight!

Soon: Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Matte Lipstick

Anastasia Beverly Hills just announced the launch of their newest product: Liquid Matte Lipsticks with 20 shades.
$20 -  Liquid application dries to Matte Finish
Smudge proof, very long lasting! 
Launching January 7th and will be available online AnastasiaBeverlyHills.com and Macy's.com
All 20 shades will be available in all Macy's impulse stores exclusively in February.

What could be on your list? I'm interested with Pure Hollywood and Lovely.

How to fix dried Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW™ Pomade

Happy new year to everyone! How was your New Year? Got a New Year Resolution? :)
Before the year end, I usually do a general cleaning to my room. I started with my makeup. I throw away makeup or tools that cannot be used anymore.

Let me show you my Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW™ Pomade in Auburn looked like. I bought it summer 2014 I think. Even though I use it almost everyday, I wasn't able to reach the bottom jar. I think I even didn't reach half of it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW™ Pomade  
This is what I did to revive the product.
I put it inside the microwave and drop 1-2 drops of Baby Oil (I used JnJ) and heat it for 10+10+10 seconds. Why 10+10+10? I put an interval to double check the consistency if it already changed. The pot was made of glass so I've very careful to remove the pot outside of the microwave.
It's almost liquid. I let it cool for about 5-10 minutes making sure that the surface was like the texture of a brand new. Let me show you the photo of the cooled Dipbrow below:

Let me show you a sample of the applied Dipbrow before and after the process. So how it improved the line. It was more defined and dark. I feel I have a new pot right now. I'm still happy with my ABH Dipbrow.

Do you have any makeup saving tips? Let me know! :)