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Pityriasis Rosea Journey: My December in Red and Green

This post contains graphic images of an affected skin with several red bumpy rash.
Reader discretion advised. No harsh comments, please. Just love. ❤❤❤
Disclaimer: I bought all products mentioned here. RIP 13th Month Pay.

Decembre 2015, we all have our holiday celebration, parties, and a lot of events. If you know me personally, you'd know how I'm so vain about my skin, how I love to maintain a good hygiene and prepare my skin whenever I'll be having an upcoming event. And I'm surprised that one day I got several rashes. I was able to attend some of them and skip the others because of the rashes I got.
November 30, 2015
I noticed little rashes nearby my shoulder and chest area. I didn't mind the rash, the first thing that comes to my mind that it was like a heat rash only (in December?)

Proactiv Review: Does this thing really work?

Let me show you my 2 week review about Proactiv.

Price:  P2,495 - 30-day kit
Got it from AMPR for free (Thank You!)
To know more about Proactiv, check it out here: LOOK AMAZING THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!
Proactiv 30 day kit
Proactiv 30 day kit
To tell you guys, it's so hard to review a skincare product. The blogger's skin would be at high risk for reviewing a product. Skin care brands always promised everything, but how would we know if we haven't tried it ourselves?

The 30-day kit consist of the following items:
  • Renewing Cleanser
  • Revitalizing Toner
  • Repairing Treatment
  • Refining Mask
  • Quick Start Guide
  • The Doctor's Secret to a Lifetime of Clear Skin Book
Proactiv 30 day kit
Proactiv 30 day kit
This time, I'm giving a 2 week trial of Proactiv. I was really excited and a bit scared when I got the opportunity to review this. I you're a 80-90s kid like me, you would remember several Proactiv commercials before. :D
Click here to read more

White Allure Pure Moroccan Argan Oil Review

This blog post is about a skincare product I'm using 2 weeks ago, the White Allure Pure Moroccan Argan Oil courtesy of Magic Potions.

White Allure Pure Moroccan Argan Oil - 100ml
How much? P1,200 from www.arganoilmanila.com/
You may also check their store locations along Makati,
Alabang, Sampaloc and Ortigas

Please excuse my right cheek, but here's my photo it really burned some parts of my face (left side).
I stop using ANY skincare products after that and just stick with Cetaphil, however, I still have the burned mark (right side) and I'm not sure what product should I take to help my skin regenerate a new one.
I apologize for a dark left photo, forgot to remove the flash.
 Just in time that I got a serious breakout from a certain papaya soap (no need to name the brand) and a mask, maybe the two brands just don't work together.

I just apply it over my face after I wash, morning and night. Read more to see my progress.

Pink Sugar's Our Lil' Secret Concealer (Light)

I love to try new things, new makeup, new brand. I have some favorite brands I always stick to but there's always new products came out from the market worth trying (might be sad if I'm not lucky :p ). The newest local brand in the makeup line right now is Pink Sugar. I don't like to believe to a rave unless I tried it myself.

Several concealers failed my skin type before or I could also say they it doesn't match my finishing powder maybe? I really hate concealers that make my eyes wrinkled after few hours.
Some concealers I've used also adds oiliness to my oily lids - which would just make a domino effect to my eye makeup worst huhu.

So now let's see this Pink Sugar's Our Lil' Secret Concealer would make it to my list.
It comes in this tube most common for a lip gloss packaging. 
Net Weight: 13g
Price: Php 299
Life Span 12 months after opening

Cake Draft Cafe, Antipolo

[UPDATE post about Cake Draft at the bottom part]
There's a newly opened cafe in Antipolo called Cake Draft Cafe. They officially open today November 20, 2015, and had a cafe blessing at 10 am. Conveniently located in town, I can easily drop by and satisfy my cafe needs whenever I like!
Cake Draft Cafe
Landmark: I'm glad that this cafe opened nearby the Antipolo Cathedral. It's actually just beside Novo, on the 2F of HBC, Red Ribbon, Twinkle Music and Sports, Infront of 7-11 (Simbahan)

I'm lucky to meet the partners behind the cafe named Chef Clyden San Pedro and Chef Cathrina Sarmiento.
I asked them why it is named Cake Draft Cafe? It was all because of the subject drafting.
Drafting or technical drawing is one of Chef Clyden's favorite subject which he excel and most of his work looks like buildings in a cake form. He constructs cakes in a well-disciplined manner. He also owns a lifestyle pastry school in Project 2, Quezon City and also supplies various cafe and coffee shops. Chef Cathrina is responsible in managing the branch and oversee the activities of the business. These chefs draft your flavors to life!
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Where to buy Gundam inside 168 Mall, Divisoria?

I have a brother and a bf who loves Gundam, I just stare at them building their kit without even trying to get closer to them, I might just step on those tiny parts which might start WW3. Kits are way cheaper in Japan, compare to kits sold here in the Philippines. It's really an expensive hobby for men (maybe some women too),

November 19, 2015, me and my guy planned to visit Divisoria for a little shopping and to check prices prior to the real shopping. What does that mean? we just canvass prices of those gifts we think we can give to our godchildren and cousins. He also would like to look for a store in 168 mall in Divisoria that sells Gundam Kits. I decided to post it here on my blog since we really had a hard time locating the store, I think it might just be helpful to you if you (instead of buying it to a middleman reseller - online seller), if you prefer to buy a bootleg kit for yourself or give it as a gift to someone else, however, it still up to you :)

Look at these bootleg kits! Most of these are from Dragon Momoko, Daban, & TT Hongli.
Gunpla in Divisoria
Click here to read more

MySlim with Yerba Mate (Capsules, Drink, Powdered Drink)

Whenever we celebrate the holidays, there would always be parties everywhere together with our officemates, schoolmates, family and friends. Together with those parties, for sure there would be buffets - just imagine fruit cakes, Christmas ham, pies, pudding and more - expect it to be a calorific Christmas.

Then the next day, for sure most of us feel overstuffed, bloated and we just like to stay in bed to take more rest. In just a short period of time this holiday, you'll be surprised of how much weight you gain. I'm guilty of overeating BEFORE, I love to taste all meals served. But I changed it through baby steps, I just take small amounts of each meal I know I can finish.

I'm advised to take small feeding instead of 3 big meals a day since I have a slow metabolism - genes, but we're not obese btw. How do I help myself in beating a weight gain?
I'm taking a lot of water. I push myself to take 2 glasses of water BEFORE every meal. When I'm invited to an event, I make sure I'll get healthy food like fruits or veggies as well if possible. I'm not that strict with my choice of food, however, servings must be in moderation.

I don't worry right now because I'm practicing a diet I know I can do, guys we should stick with realistic goals here. To aid my diet, I'm also using mySlim with Yerba Mate.
Yerba Mate is a slimming herb common in the fields of the Southern America such as Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay. This tea is popular in South America because of its great benefit such as a fool proof energy booster.

Yerba Mate has a stimulant called mateine, it's somewhat similar to caffeine. This mateine can help increase your metabolism, energy thereby burning fat in the process. Yerba Mate was discovered safe and effective for detoxification. Another benefit of Yerba Mate is that it is helpful to your heart by increasing the supply of oxygen to the heart.

mySlim Yerba Matte Capsule, Drink, Powdered Drink

Apart from Yerba Mate, Myslim is also packed with Palatinose which promotes energy for longer periods of time. It also has Carnipure which reduces the sensation of hunger, therefore, reducing one’s food intake. We do not have to go far to Southern Brazil just to get this Yerba Matte, we have here MySlim products! Myslim is the first slimming and detox drink clinically proven in the Philippines to promote safe weight loss for its special Yerba Mate formulation.

Last week, I received a package from Myslim containing 2 Yerba Mate Drink, 4 sachets of Myslim Powdered Drink and a box of Myslim Dietary supplements. MySlim is formulated to loose weight and with ease. So I'm so excited to give it a try!

Myslim was developed by Vida Nutriscience Incorporated, one of the leading health and wellness products provider in the market and the country’s go-to provider of safe, novel and ethical health and wellness products.
mySlim Yerba Matte Drink

mySlimYerba Mate Drink Php 89

How to take: Drink 1 bottle at the comfort of your home because of detox effect every night 3 times a week.
mySlim Yerba Matte Capsule

Myslim Yerba Mate Dietary Supplement (30 caps/bottle) Php 540

How to use: Take one capsule two times a day after meals. Preferably in the morning after breakfast or noon after lunch.

Myslim Yerba Matte Drink in Sachets - Php 69

This is the first product I've tried because I saw these strawberries in the packaging, I craved and immediately stir it up on my glass of cold water to refreshen me.

I'm glad to know that I can take it together with my multivitamins. Check out most frequently ask questions about this product here {link}

I'll be updating this post soon after finishing the product line. I'm looking forward to the effect of Myslim to my body. It could be a great pair for my Curves session.

To know more about Myslim, please do visit www.vidanutriscience.com
Follow their social media accounts!
Facebook:  myslimPH
Twitter and Instagram : @myslimdetox

What is a MAC Mehr Dupe?

MAC MEHR - I believe it was back in 2011 from the MAC Mickey Contractor Collection for Spring, this shade from MAC was released. Mehr is matte which is labeled as a shade that's a Dirty blue pink. It's opaque in just one swipe! I haven't found a local brand with the same finish and performance. I find a hard time to find this in stores here in the Philippines, always runs out of stock for several months already.

Mehr is the most flattering pink I ever come across. But then I wondered what if I lost or finished my tube? I start to look for dupes of this shade. I saw a Pinterest dupe of MAC Mehr. I do not believe it at first because of the bullets seem to be quite different. Then I told myself I must check it with my own eyes!

Belle De Jour Power Planner 2016 (and all Coupons!)

Warning this is a photo loaded blog post, please wait for the page to fully load to see all photos.
Consider me as a BDJ Bella! I first encountered Belle De Jour Power Planner way back 2008 maybe? saw them in several Multiply shops. I have no idea before that it was available in National Book Store (or if bookstores already selling them). It was a 6.25x8.25 inch planner - I love hard bound big notebooks when I'm still in school.

I started working during 2013, I decided to buy the 2014 planner (It's a great feeling for me to buy things from my own money). BDJ launch their planners 4th quarter every year, so I got 2014 instead. I attended their BDJ Fair in SM Mall of Asia. Subscribed to their monthly Beauty Boxes. Attend several events and I was able to meet a lot of Bella friends!

And now, for BDJ's 10th year, they released several products and it includes the following planners and all comes with a BDJ Lifestyle Card:
  • BDJ Smythe* (Hardbound Sewn)
  • BDJ Spiral*
  • BDJ Leather*
  • Everything is Possible
  • Focus
  • Navi**
*   comes with #PerksOfABella coupon booklet
** comes with #TravelCurious coupon booklet

As of Late October 2015, they also released customized planner where you can put your name on it[Please visit ilovebdj.com for more info]

MeNow Generation II Long Lasting Lip Gloss Review

These aren't lipglosses, they're liquid matte lipsticks. I saw several reviews of this tubes way back 2012 from beauty blogs/vlogs and this got my attention lately. It comes with a variety of colors with a matte finish. Some shades can be a dupe to Limecrime Velvetines.

Packaging: Test tube with a doe foot applicator similar to Inglot Sleek Lip Gloss:

My Thoughts:
  • I noticed that light colors tend to remove quickly than the darker ones. Lighter shades feel a bit tacky than my other shades.
  • Has a fruit plastic smell
  • It dries to a matte finish and feels quite tacky when I press my lips together.
  • Available online only, even tho it's made in China, I didn't saw any tube when I visit Divisoria
  • Stays on for hours, 8+ HOURS particularly the darker shades, reapplication may be needed to the inner lip area. It breakdowns with oil, so watch out when you eat!
  • Shade comes in numbers only printed in a sticker
  • Difficult to remove, I can use my makeup remover, however, it might use more than what I need for a lip area.
  • No ingredients provided
  • I actually thought it might just be the same with the Excel Paris 24hr matte lip creams, but 
  • Always apply to dry lips
  • Swipe a small patch in your skin and check what kind of Makeup Remover you can use.
  • Do not apply lip balm
  • After application, let it dry first. Do not smack lips together

Taytay Tiangge Schedule and how to get there (December 2018)

Updated Schedule as of December 2018

******OPEN ON HOLIDAYS******

Choice po ng mga may pwesto mag sara ng maaga kung halos ubos na mga paninda nila, may mabibili pa din but few choices lang. 

Every day morning. Why? if you arrived at late lunch or afternoon, you'll just catch leftover designs, less size, and design choices. It's like when there's a mall sale, always go the early 1st day of the SALE if you like to get good items!

Best time to go? I recommend to follow night market schedule, it's when the garments are sold the CHEAPEST plus more chances to get fresh stocks, newest design, more size availability!

Taytay Tiangge is OPEN for the whole year, however, most stalls are closed (but there are still open stalls) in observance of some Major Holidays and the Holy Week.

How to go to Taytay Tiangge

Know your way first going to this points:
  • From EDSA Crossing, look in Starmall for UV terminal and jeep going to Taytay
  • From EDSA - Greenfields District - UV and Jeep going to Taytay
  • From Robinsons Galleria - Bus going to Taytay - GLINER/RRCG
  • From Quiapo/SM Sta. Mesa - Bus going to Taytay - GLINER/RRCG
  • From Santolan LRT2 - go to Sta Lucia - Robinsons and take Jeep going to Taytay/Angono/Binangonan
  • From Megamall - take Antipolo UV express then Tikling Jeep/Bus
  • From Tikling - Taytay/Angono/Binangonan Jeep or GLINER and RRCG BUS
  • Pasig Palengke - Cainta-Taytay Jeep
  • Cubao - Angono, Binangonan (SM Cubao side or Alimall terminal)
  • Commonwealth - Go to Commonwealth Market, look for the terminal of Sta Lucia Jeep or FX, then from Sta Lucia, take a jeep 
*Jeep: Angono Highway, Tanay, Binangonan Highway, Taytay Palengke/CME
Always make sure to ask the driver or barker to drop you along CME/Bagong Palengke.

PS: Be smart to ask enough where exactly is the terminal around the area,  :)

Syringoma Electrocautery Experience

We have this benign kind of skin tumor around our eyelids called Syringoma, it's familial. When I'm having my facial, all aestheticians who clean my face always mentioned this Electrocautery to remove syringoma.

I was hesitant when I heard 'ELECTROCAUTERY' n. cautery using a needle or other instrument that is electrically heated. - I'm afraid it may cause a scar to my eye area and I feel nervous about the process of electrically heating the instrument. Any adverse effect of this treatment can be worse if the process will be not successful.

I decided to give it a shot. I had a schedule for Electrocautery in Flawless and the doctor examined my syringoma first, Good thing Flawless Doctor Consultation is free. She also explained several things about the process and things to do after the process, so I can decide if I would like to proceed.

Click here to Read More

My Lay Bare Waxing Experience

Lay Bare
I was excited to try waxing and I'm lucky to book a Full Arm Hair removal during my lunch break.

Lay Bare has small private cubicles. I was assisted by their waxing technicians Ms. Minerva and another girl. My very first time of waxing, I thought I should only need 1 wax technicians. Maybe to handle the time faster, it would be better if they're 2 in this session.

My Scribble & Calligraphy Haul

In Instagram, I saw several pretty calligraphy posts and it makes me feel challenged to try it too. I know cursive writing since I studied in a Catholic School which is administered by St. Paul, we're taught to write in Paulinian writing (Cursive) since elementary. Not sure if they already teach this in Kindergarten.

Calligraphy supplies are not available to our local bookstores. I'm eyeing for brands which I saw from several local IG users. They bought it online and some have physical shops.

I was about to end buying online, until I found Ink Scribbler, they also own The Craft Central- office is located in San Juan, they accept walk-in buyers and clients and their private session for calligraphy classes.
Taken by @inkscribbler
Click on read more to check what I bought :)

Happy Skin Beauty in Bloom [Shut up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie]

Happy Skin, a local brand here in the Philippines, had several limited edition collection and they produced a sweet collection that I really like. A pretty and fresh collection from Happy Skin: Beauty in Bloom! I really felt itchy to get my hands in these duo because of its lovely shades wearable for the everyday basis. It also comes with a cute floral packaging.

Nature is the ultimate beauty queen. Unleash the beauty from within and blossom into your most beautiful with the prettiest, natural lippie hues!
Celebrate a healthy honey-toned glow and rekindle the warmth of love with Hold My Hand. Be luminous and natural all at once and channel the pink rosy radiance of a Bride-to-Be. This Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me moisturizing lippie is sure to help you make that smackin' statement. This lip-loving moisture stick is loaded with Shea butter and collagen to get fans to line up for a taste of those supple, hydrated, and ultra-kissable lips. High-pigmented, moisture-packed, this lippie glides on irresistibly smooth (without the stickiness!) and leaves behind a rich, creamy pout that's way tempting to kiss. (2.7g x 2) 
Happy Skin: Beauty in Bloom
Price: Php 999 duo or Php 599 if purchased individually

The flip box contains two Shut up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie namely Bride to Be and Hold my Hand, both limited edition!Good thing they have fresh stocks in Plains and Prints - I can swatch them and can be able to decide which should I get from their collection. They recently released their new collection Pucker Up & Preview, but I'm not into the shades they've released. I'm eager to look for shades wearable for an everyday look.

Kojie San Sunblock Face SPF 50

Sunblock before applying makeup in the morning makes me think it might be unnecessary thinking most of my foundations already have SPF. Please be informed that not all sunblock feels sticky like what other brands offer, not all sunblocks are applicable for both face and body.

Most of us think that sunblocks are white, thick and would make the skin oily thinking it might not be appropriate to use to face on an everyday basis - As well as use it under makeup.

As I was looking inside Watson's Shop, I compare several face sunblock and it's really hard to choose if you have several options to try considering the price, size, SPF, brand name, etc. Some sunblocks that contain ultra high SPF usually have higher levels of active ingredients making it feeling heavier. I'm also worried that I might end up to those sunblocks that I discuss before. Most sunblocks are sealed and do not have testers, I'm lucky and I'm fine that I choose Kojie San Sunblock Face with SPF 50.

Essence Soo Glow Highlighter [REVIEW]

Hi everyone, adding a luminous glow to the face also known as strobing is the current makeup trend I've read from several beauty websites. Strobing to enhance facial features? Why not!
I'm interested to try this highlighter from Essence because of several pretty swatches I found all over the internet. I ended up trying this Essence Soo Glow Cream to Powder Highlighter in 01 Look on the Bright Side.  Since I haven't got my the Balm Mary Lou-Manizer, I'm looking for a dupe in a cream form - just looking for something quite similar to its shade prior to buying Mary Lou.
Description from Essence:
glamour glow! the new highlighter conjures a beautiful shimmer. its creamy texture turns into a velvety, powdery formula upon application. easy to apply with your fingers, it sets gorgeous accents on your cheekbones, underneath the brows or in the inner corners of your eyes. the highlighter is available in two different colors – one light rosé and a pretty champagne tone – so it’s ideal for every complexion.
Swatch and Thoughts:
It got a tolerable amount of pretty shimmers however it doesn't last long to my skin. It fades at the middle of the day, and I'm not the type of person who always re-apply makeup.
The cream can be built up and can be blended easily. It's lightweight and I use my fingers to blend instead of other applicators. 01 shade looks pretty to my skin tone, but I just hope it could stay longer. It could last for 3-4 hours for me. Anyway it's still a nice product for the quality and price!
Arm swatch 1 and 2 swipes of  Essence Soo Glow
This specific product was not locally available here in The Philippines, I pre-ordered Soo Glow from Jean of BeautyShopPh. I forgot the price but I believe it was not more than ~Php 200.

Sleek MakeUP I-Divine in Oh So Special Palette [Swatch]

Oh So Special! I just got a new lovely palette from Sleek MakeUP. I feel that this one can help me in every occasion I need. It has a variety of shimmers and mattes. It has a very light and sleek packaging perfect for travel. I just need a very nice blending brush to make it work and the right way of application.
Product Description:
Sleek MakeUP’s legendary i-Divine eyeshadow palettes are 12 shades of super-pigmented, longlasting, mineral based eyeshadow, designed to suit all. Each i-Divine eyeshadow palette contains pearlescent shades, which contain mica particles that highlight and illuminate giving an overall radiant effect. Available in a variety of colour ways, your i-Divine is waiting for you. 
Oh So Special includes ultra flattering pink and brown shades that will deliver perfect results no matter the occasion.
Take your look from day time chic with matte browns and creamy beiges, through to a sultry evening look with shimmering greys and smoky plums.
Available in 12 palettes designed to suit every mood, and trend.
Store in a cool dry place.
Not tested on animals.
Suitable for vegans and vegetarians 
OH SO SPECIAL i-Divine encapsulates everything that is fashion forward, sophisticated, and feminine. This exquisite addition to the i-Divine family has been created for all women and the OH SO SPECIAL woman is confident, on trend and courageous with her style.

Skin Potion's Lip Candy in Snow White's Kiss

Lately, I'm having one of my mannerisms, pulling the chapped part of my dry lips. I decided to stop using lipstick just because I'm lazy to do my makeup in the morning. I have a lip balm from Nivea Lip balm Active Care SPF 15 - the blue tube - yes it's for men, yet it doesn't heal the lips completely, but I like how it moisturize. PS: I'm taking a lot of fluids every day. Probably the rainy weather of June - July and the lipsticks I'm using before made my lips a bit more drying.
Skin Potion's Lip Candy in Snow White's Kiss
Skin Potion's Lip Candy in Snow White's Kiss
Product Description:
A moisturizing lip balm that will leave your lips pigmented and soft the whole day. Made with organic and natural oils and waxes that penetrate deep within

Shea Butter, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Fruit Pigment

REVIEW: Kokuryu Super Summer Cake

It's been a while since my last post. To all makeup lovers like me, have you tried doing the 1 MONTH MAKEUP BAN - No buying of new makeup for a month? I tried but I failed. I should stop trying the 1-month makeup ban because I ended up buying more than normal. >.< I even don't know why :))

Whenever I roam inside SM Megamall Beauty Section inside the department store, I always saw Kokuryu Kiosk without trying to check out their products. I've read GIRLTalk Forums and different facebook Makeup Artist Groups mentioning this brand. Many makeup artists used it for their clients - during pageants and pictorials When I checked Instagram as well, it was also imported to nearby countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Now I'm convinced to buy their famous Kokuryu Summer Cake foundation. I think my face powders are around 10-40% left - I think they're 4 of them and all of them hit the pan. I need a new one just in case I need to throw most of them.
Kokuryu Summer Cake
Kokuryu Summer Cake in Orange Blush

Body Spa treatment at Dermcare, Robinsons Place Antipolo

Today June 13, 2015, I decided to try Dermcare's Body Spa service. It was a body treatment package of Steam, Bath, Whitening Body Scrub, Massage (Php 900). Same as to other Dermcare branches, they all got that 'Royal setup' and luxurious ambiance. I love their couch!

I was assigned to Joan as my therapist. She assists me where to place my things inside their cabinet with keys, and she told me to keep it until end of the treatment. I was accepted inside their VIP Room - I think it was their biggest room. It has 3 bed, bathtub, and dresser room.

Taytay Tiangge Shopping (DECEMBER 2018)

Buy online! Click here: Taytay Tiangge Shopper

Most of us already went to different bazaars especially Christmas Season. Who doesn't want to save almost half the price you're going to pay to those bazaars if you can buy it directly from the supplier? :D Several online sellers buy from Taytay Tiangge, even those people from Divisoria get their stocks here. Sometimes, I feel like I don't like to go to Divisoria anymore because it's too much crowded especially Holiday Season.
I always wanted to visit Taytay Tiangge because of it's low priced RTW (Ready To Wear) items and other garments. 

Related links:
I celebrated labor day to rest and shop! It's Friday, May 1, 2015, regular holiday here in the Philippines. This blog was written 2015, I try to keep it updated as possible but still busy with other stuff so please forgive me I can answer all comments here.

Tips before going to Taytay Tiangge:
  1. Just like any shopping day, make sure you have your 'priority list' you can always stick with. There're a lot of garments offered inside the Tiangge and you might just forget what you really need to buy.
  2. Bring your own shopping bag, the bigger, the better. I ended up buying this because my eco bag is no longer comfortable to use because it's already full, at least I know I can still use it when I go to Divisoria :) and even in Antipolo (No to plastics inside the market area and even inside grocery stores) 
  3. Wear something comfortable: Thick slippers like Sandugo, Sandals, Rubber shoes. You may pass to some areas with gravel roads, but most are already cemented. It's also a protection in case somebody can accidentally step over you.
    You may also need to wear a mask because of the dusty gravel area.
  4. Bring a drink for refreshment. There are food vendors inside the area, but it's best to have it handy. You might need to spare at least 2-3 hours inside Taytay Tiangge if it's your first time to shop here and looking for the food stores might give you the nuisance to look for.
  5. Visit the place during their bazaar schedule. Check their latest schedule hereDuring weekends Taytay tiangge is also open, The earlier the better! Some stalls are already opened at 12 am. A seller told me that they have fresh new stocks and designs early in the morning, they have more sizes available for the latest designs. Oh, I remember some shorts I really like which were already out of stock for my size when I arrived around 7 am. They have morning and night market schedule.

  6. Bring a hand fan, face towel, or face mask if you need to. I used to wear face mask here because of too many fibers from clothes can cause allergies for me. 
  7. Be careful with your belongings and your gadgets. There's a lot of snatchers and thieves inside the area. Just be smart and alert! Always have your bags near you. Avoid wearing jewelry if possible. Just wear something comfortable, not noticeable.
  8. Do the math for your purchase and always check your change, you can bring a small calculator or a low-end phone
  9. Bring enough CASH for shopping, BDO ATM is the nearest one nearby Chowking. 
  10. Almost all stalls don't have a price tag, better ask the seller for prices. And ask if its the wholesale or retail price. They do not set prices the way other Tiangge in Divisoria/Baclaran/Greenhills does. I have never experience judgemental sellers here in Taytay as they are fair to all their buyers. They would provide the same price if you look well groomed or just woke up. However, some stalls change their prices depending on what time you buy. During opening or closing time, they have their regular prices, then when it's mid of their selling time, the prices increased already :))
A blouse from Greenhills priced at P150, Taytay Tiangge sellers offer it for around P60!
You can also see several OVERRUN garments here (same items selling in bazaars like Eastwood, Greenhills, Other tiangge, even malls)

Let me share first some items I bought:
(sorry for low-quality photos, I didn't use my other phone for safety reasons :D )
Floral Printed Canvas Bag P75
Shorts from different sizes P55
Bodycon Formal Dress P80
Jerseys from P35 - P50

Pompom Shorts P45

Most tops are less than P100 each
Pants, jogging pants, dress are more or less than P200
My officemate was able to buy a office pants for only P80

You may also find different leggings, Jeggings, Midi Skirts, Dress, Crop tops, Kids Garments, Kimonos, swimsuits. You can also find overruns, bedsheets, towels.

Unlike Divisoria that can offer wholesale purchase at least 6 or 12 pcs, in Taytay Tiangge, wholesale starts at 3pcs only and you'll have less P5-P15 or more depends on the seller and the clothing you're planning to buy.

For foreign readers here's a conversion Current PHP and USD rate:
P50.02 = 1 USD as of 2/17/2017
P49.77 = 1 USD as of 12/13/2016
P47.22 = 1 USD as of 12/2/2015
P44.62 = 1 USD as of 5/5/2015

If you find this blog helpful, any amount would be appreciated to help this blog running!
Thank you ❤