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Review: Sophie Paris Magic Pink Cream

If there would be 1 makeup that I would recommend to makeup starters especially for teens that have a tight budget, I suggest you to try this Magic Pink Cream from Sophie Paris!

Update August 30, 2015
Sophie Paris recently increased price for their Magic Pink Cream! Don't worry girls, it's still affordable at Php 95

I do not like makeup before. During high school, I'm in a hate relationship with lipstick! I do not like the smell and how it felt when I applied it to my lips because I'm into messing up with my mom's small kikay kit. I tend to stick with tinted lip balms and Johnson's baby powder :p until I discovered Sophie Paris Magic Pink Cream during college when I saw a Sophie Paris brochure.
It comes with a cute pink&white box and tube. 

As per experience of using it everyday using a small amount, it could last for 3-4 months! Not bad for its price right?

It's not runny when you apply it. Doesn't experience any irritations after applying. No problem with the powdery scent too.

It might be not for you if you have problems with finger blending. Since this is in a cream form, you might have gotten a darker pink on the other side of the cheeks. Better start with a little amount of product before you noticed you've overdone it.

Another con is when I'm using it over my Naturactor concealer foundation, it doesn't blend naturally. The white cream doesn't 'fully' turned pink after a minute. Maybe the formulation doesn't match? I don't know.

Bought it this December 2014, Expires May 2015.
It was P70 back in college days, now it already increased P95.

I decided to be a dealer of Sophie because of this product. If you want to order this Magic Pink Cream or become a Sophie Dealer as well, let me know!
Email me here: gcandedeir.blog@gmail.com


  1. I have a question. How about, I bought magic pink lately like May 13,2016 and their availble stock expires on June 03,2016. Is it okey if i still use it?

    1. I personally think its not okay to use expired makeup