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Above and beyond with Saka Resort

Saka Resort in Tarlac opened in 2009 with only a handful of cottages and resources. The first employees were the owner’s children that helped during cleaning and closing time. The resort has seen its share of typhoons that wiped out cottages and their old pavilion. Minor and major renovations were made, and cottages were built and upgraded. Eleven years later, Covid struck.

During the pandemic, the management continued supporting their employees by giving food—even when they shut down their operations due to restrictions. When they opened back up, the employees were given shift turns to keep working despite the low customer turnout. Pools were kept clean, gardens were taken cared of, a souvenir pop-up shop was installed, ensuring work for their employees. It was undoubtedly a challenging year. 

However, since then, Saka Resort has launched their website, built a couple more cottages, set up an indoor garden events area, and has made a few more improvements here and there while keeping to their theme.

Challenges have been brought about by life and circumstance, but the Saka Resort family remain resilient and steadfast. Saka Resort carried on and has since continued making mark in people’s lives, a place where families and friends make beautiful memories together.

You may visit their website at www.sakaresort.com or message them on their Facebook at www.facebook.com/SAKARESORT.

Asia Leaders Awards Cocktail Hour with RS Francisco

 For this year, Asia Leaders Forums and Awards will present the exemplary leaders in the Philippines with a twist, to discuss anything under the sun, their advocacy and passion. No more of those mind setting heavy presentations about the usual business scenario or discussions about their companies, we have a global health crisis, we’re in a survival mode. An inspiration is what we need. 

So we present COCKTAIL HOUR, the leaders when they folded their sleeves after the heavy workload. 

Discussions will be between the leaders with the resident host,  award winning and talented radio show host and tech guy Richard Abalos. 

Cocktail Hour 2nd show  will be on May 10, 2021 at Asia Leaders Awards Facebook Page with RS Francisco, Co founder and President of Frontrow Enterprise with Frontrow Cares, The CSR arm of Frontrow Enterprise headed by Direk RS Francisco and Sam Verzosa, as to date is touring all around the Philippines not for their Gems Concerts or talks but for giving out donations with more than Php 100M in  support. The biggest celebrity donation as of now. 

Asia Leaders Awards theme for this year is hope and optimism. Same as the color of the year, yellow and gray . A marriage of color conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting. Two independent colors that highlight how different elements come together to support one another. What we all need right now. Support and Unity. 

Announcement of finalists will be on May 20, 2022 with the presentation of the whole awards committee and Gala night will be on 11-11-21 inside the Embassy of Singapore. 

You may still nominate at www.Asialeadersawards.Asia 

For sponsorship; finalist@asialeadersawards.asia or 09778978877/ 022193503

Young Leaders who are creating a better world

 This global health crisis made us more human. That our body has its capacity while our mind is limitless. This is the time that we saw new leaders, not only that they are determined, fierce and aggressive but also with a heart for giving as proven by the initiator of community pantry in Magingawa street in Quezon City and now emulated by hundreds of young leaders around the nation. 

We present the 4 young leaders from different industries who are breaking the glass ceiling now. These are innovators even in a young age. Also nominated at Asia Leaders Awards 2021 with the objective to acknowledge honorable men and women who promotes the Philippines as the premier business hub in Asia and beyond and who shows leadership not only to his peers, but also tries to solve the problem of the country and beyond and who demonstrated an outstanding achievement for the welfare of others even for public service. 

Harvey Ong 

Chief Operating Officer

Alfamart Trading Philippines 

Alfamart opened its first store on the Philippines in 2014 with only 200 stores. It’s a joint venture between Alfamart Indonesia and SM Retail. Harvey as the COO now handles more than 1000 branches nationwide with annual revenue of USD 350M. It’s the fastest growing retail chain in the Philippines. 

In addition, AlfaMart offers services such as bills payment or ATM in select Alfamart stores, allowing them to become a one-stop shop for customers.

Avin Ong 

Chairman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer 

Macao Imperial Tea 

Avin is a 29 years old CEO of Fredley Group of Companies  with more than 1000 branches of Macao Imperial Tea and other brands such as  Nabe Japanese Izakaya and Hot Pot, Mitasu Yakiniku, New York Fries & Dips and Liang Crispy Rolls. 

Today, the company’s social responsibility initiatives are fiercely important. Filipinos with disabilities are employed by the company and the Employee Rewards Program subsidises expenses and tuition fees for employees’ children. 

Sam Verzosa

Chief Executive Officer 

Frontrow Enterprise 

For this Pandemic alone, Frontrow Enterprise donated more than Php 100M to help the Frontliners and indigents not to mention the opening of E Eskwela with computer units to be used by the marginalised in different neighbourhood in the country through Frontrow Cares. 

An award winning entrepreneur with 1.2M distributors globally. Sam continues to help out in spite of challenges brought by this global health crisis. 

Renan Ponce Morales 

Managing Director 

Paragon Group of Companies, Inc.

Renan Ponce Pascual-Morales, or “Bespren” as what his friends and constituents normally call him, is the current President of the National Movement of Young Legislators in Region 3. He founded the Bestfriend ng Bayan Foundation in 2015 which provides assistance to rape victims, out-of-school youths, women caught in sex trafficking and prostitution, People With Disabilities (PWDs), and senior citizens who are neglected.

Renan is a former professional car racer, an N-1 champion and F3 Formula Drive. After his racing career, he started to focus on different advocacies to help uplift the lives of his countrymen. He became a public servant and a town councilor in Nueva Ecija. Later on, he also got involved in supporting different sports group such as Basketball and Volleyball Tournaments, Persons with Disability Paraplegic Athletes, and the Philippine Memory Sports.

These young leaders are creative, innovative, fierce and have the will to succeed not just in the business arena but also helping out the indigents. Young leaders worthy of our emulation.

A story behind a COO Grace

Being the Chief Operation Officer is not a walk in the park. The COO oversees the company's business operations and reports to the CEO and making sure that the company has effective operational and financial procedures in place. Also known as Director of Operations, Operations Director, or Chief Operations  Officer.

A multitasker and with parents who calls him to work at an early age at 12, Grace Bondad Nicolas embraces being the COO and the Founder of AG Builders and Developers, Tag Media and Public Relations and AAA Cosmetics and Trading Company. Thanks for the foundation and unconditional training she receives from her entrepreneur parents. 

“Waking up each day at 4am is ordinary for me. My late father, Josefino Velasco Bondad of Calauan, Laguna was making sure to serve the customers earlier than the usual business hours because he doesn’t want them to wait especially the carpenters who like to work early also to finish their construction work. It’s so different in the province and I am thankful and forever grateful for the love and support from my parents. My mom keeps on telling me that Landbank Philippines even approached my father to be an Entrepreneur of the year during his heyday but he declined, that’s proof how industrious and good he was on what he does. I'm forever grateful.”-Grace Bondad Nicolas 

Right now, Grace is the one making sure that deliveries are done, scripts and articles are disseminated or the construction project is on track and on schedule. 

What’s making her busier? She’s also the Vice President of American Association of the Philippines, President of Kiwanis Club of Makati and Vice President of Makati Tourism Foundation inc. 

According to her, this Pandemic makes her busier, since all of the organisations she’s with, still functioning, giving help to indigents and not to mention the distribution of products under AAA Cosmetics and Trading Company with 4 brands; Graceful Skin Essentials, Immune CEE, GlamHigh Cosmetics and GlutaGlow Slimming Drinks. 

According to Grace, “This pandemic is the launching pad. If you can make it in this global health crisis, you’ll be fantastically fine after. “

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From IT to CEO

Andrew Troy Nicolas
Group CEO, Tag Media Group

For years of being an IT in the Center of the business world, Wall Street, New York City, USA, Andrew Troy Nicolas shifted to help the rising Tag Media and Public Relations eventually became Tag Media Group that manages concerts, advertising, marketing, public relations and campaigns of different companies from different industries in Asia Pacific. 

His expertise is Business Intelligence (BI), checking everyday the data as the basis of the actual position. BI comprises the strategies and technologies used by enterprises for the data analysis of business information. BI technologies provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations.

As the Group CEO of Tag Media Group, he approves the launching of AAA Cosmetics and Trading Company (GlamHigh Cosmetics, Graceful Skin Essentials, Immune CEE, GlutaGlow Slimming Drinks) last November 2020. As per analysis, even during pandemic, there’s still a demand from consumers who are into weight loss, those who are always in online meetings, for health and wellness and still to beautify or improve their personal appearances since most are staying home so more focus on their physical appearance and well being. As of this writing, the company has more than 100 distributors nationwide with few already in Milan and Taiwan. Targeting at least a thousand at the end of this year, not bad business during Pandemic. 

Troy as his team calls him, is the one handling the management of all IT related items and monitoring it like the social media accounts, multiple websites under the company and even some of the content. He is making sure that all has a positive impact in the lives of the clients and followers. 

The signature events under Tag Media and Public Relations (Asia Digital Marketing Expo, Asia HR Expo, Asia E Commerce Expo, Dwelo, Asia’s Best Singing Competition)  might be in halt because of this global health crisis but Asia Leaders Forums and Awards (ALA) are still thriving with the support of its stakeholders and organising committee. Announcement of honourees will be this May 20, 2021 and awarding ceremony will be on November 11, 2021 at Embassy of Singapore. 

According to Troy, “It’s all about big data and actual projections. We will also continue our AG Builders and Developers, the construction company under Tag Media Group. We’re hiring right now since clients, even afraid of this pandemic still likes to secure their family with a home as their legacy. The brands under AAA Cosmetics are still new but there’s a lot of inquiries. The events are still here even online as we wanted to still be relevant and the followers we have likes to learn more and to see what’s new so we have Cocktail Hour under Asia Leaders Awards, the show with the honourees of ALA to present their lighter side of success. We’re not stopping and keeps on innovating.”

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