How to Spot Fake Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel

Aug 7, 2017 //
Aloe Vera gels are every where and come in different packaging such as tubs, sprays, lotion, essence. My personal favorite (and my sister's too!) is the Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel. It's often out of stock in Nature Republic Philippines stores, I often check with Landmark Makati, then go to Althea Korea Shopping website. For first time orders, you may use my Althea Korea referral link to get up to ₱200 off when you signed up and make a purchase!

One day I checked Shopee Philippines Flash deal banner:
Shopee posted this banner of NR Tub sold for only P70! Regular price is P100! What?!
Shopee Philippines caters different sellers, they also have sellers who also sell the legit tubs but I am getting strict with sellers and counterfeit brands. This time, they didn't screen their sellers/products carefully and even add it to their flash deal banner sale!.tsk tsk. 

Why I'm alarmed about this product? I saw it from a post of (link), that a Malaysian got hospitalized due to allergic reactions from the fake Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel. Prayers for this lady, hoping for a fast recovery.

We purchased the tubs for more than 2 years, prices didn't really get that low. P245 from Official NR Stores in the Philippines and P180 from Althea Korea - but minimum purchase required if you like to have your orders shipped for free.

The price looks fishy for me, I then went to Divisoria and Binondo for a meal and store check. There there! saw several green tubs together with other counterfeit products. Normally sold for P80-100 probably cheaper if you're getting wholesale orders.

Let me help me you guys if you're planning to purchase the tubs (this might help you a lot if you're buying online). I'm comparing my Genuine Nature Republic and this Fake one from a Shopee Seller. I purchased online (Shopee) because I already know what to expect from Divisoria.

Genuine is slightly bigger than the Fake tub. 

Colors of the cover sticker are more of the darker green for genuine and moving to the yellow green side for the fake one. Also check carefully the prints here - fonts, droplets, a line above the 300ml for the fake.

Tub shape also differs. Cap cover should be bigger than the base packaging.

 Bottom sticker

 Embossed 'NATURE REPUBLIC' for Genuine Tub

 should be visible on the cover sides and bottom part too!

Gel Consistency

It's really hard to tell by just looking at it. I'll skip the skin testing for my face sorry readers but I don't like to take the risk. The smell of the Genuine, has a great aloe scent, while very little from the fake one. I find the Genuine Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel spreads to a thin layer and runnier than the Fake, it's a bit thicker. I'll update a photo about the consistency soon!

So those are the keys in distinguishing the genuine vs. fake Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel. Be careful when buying online.


  1. Fantastic post!
    Kisses :)
    Soslu Badem by Dilek

  2. Thank you for this post!! I'm actually so worried about buying skin products from online shops because there are so many fakes of them nowadays it's hard to be certain of what you're buying.

    Lyka Chiang

  3. Hi im also shopee user.. Im gonna buy nature Republic aloe vera gel, but now i read ur post it scared me to death.. Can u recommend me which seller u using?, it mean a lot for me.. Thanks..

    1. You're buying from Shopee Philippines? There's a lot of sellers of authentic from Shopee. I recommend asking for actual photos first. Go for tubs with embossed NATURE REPUBLIC :)