Jaguar Power Bank 10,050 mAh

Sep 2, 2016 //
I recently purchased this Jaguar Power bank from Kimstore since my previous PB from Mi 5000mAh, was not enough for my normal battery pack needs. I have a bigger one from Pineng which was my biggest and heaviest one 20,000mAh pack which I use during out of town for more than 2 days schedules. I can't bring that 20,000mAh with me everyday since it's really heavy, and Mi can only charge my phone once for the whole day. My office mate (Hi Mam Racquel!) mentioned about her purchase on this Kimstore's Jaguar Power bank 3 months ago, and it's still perfect and working fine! I decided to get my own Jaguar Power bank last week. It was a hassle free transaction since I only need to pick up the item on their pick up store along Ortigas.

Price: Php 500

The product comes with power bank and a small cable.

Product Description printed at the back of the box itself

Output 1 emits 1A and Output 2 emits 2.1A. I often use 2.1A for fast charging and 1A for lighter devices that require the said ampere.
The Battery pack itself can be used as an emergency flashlight, just press on the power button and you can adjust up to 3 dim settings.

With this Jaguar Power bank, I can charge my Asus Selfie Phone with Li-Po 3000 mAh battery for 3 times. I consume around 2 hours in charging the power bank with my Asus charger. I also noticed that Jaguar's less heat generated during charging and discharging.

I got a faulty cable, it's a bit crappy during charging, but I can't monitor how it stops and starts charging - I wish I can have it replaced (cable) but sometimes it's working fine. I didn't experience the same thing when I decided to replace with a normal usb cable.

Cons: [October 2016]
It's white and smooth. It's not that good for traveling if you do not have a case for this PB. In the long run, I noticed some hairlines to scratches are more visible. Dirt can also sink into those deep scratches - not good for a white surface right? Included cable would probably too short for me.

It's really a good buy for only Php 550 with 10,050mAh capacity, emergency light is a plus! I really hope this one will last and I need to make a power bank cover for this!

UPDATE Nov 2016

Still working smooth and fuss free! I bought a simple cloth case for this to avoid surface scratches and got a longer cable. Still fast charging!


  1. Hi. I just bought my jaguar powerbank the other day and when i plugged my phone i noticed that the led lights for a few seconds the gone but my phone is still charging is that supposed to happen? Also can i turn off this powerbank?

    1. Hi,
      Yes led lights turns off after few minutes but still charging.
      Turning off, not sure if this turns off automatically but I'm used to do a long press the power button till the lights goes off.

  2. how's your powerbank? still working?

    1. Hi! Yes still working perfect :) no issues even during charging okay naman. Just the cable, It's really short and nawala ko na sya, I'm using CD-R King's cable instead. :)

    2. how long do you charge your powerbank? i got the 20,000 mah jaguar powerbank. I plugged it for 2 days and still it's not fully charged.

    3. Hi Angela, around 4-5 hrs only. But I never let it completely empty before charging.

  3. Its normal that the LED goes off while charging your gadget. Mine is already 4mos old. Can charge iphone 6s+ 3x. Only downside is that mine takes 16hours to fully charge the powerbank.

  4. Mine is 4mos old already. Can fully charge a 6s plus three times. Only downside on mine is that it takes about 16hours to fully charge it. Wasnt able to have it changed within the 7day replacement warranty. Tsk

  5. how do you know if the power bank is completely charged?
    1) all indicator light turns on and not blinking, or
    2) all indicator light turns off after all of them turns on and stopped blinking?
    big help to get an answer here.. TY!

    1. As long as all indicators are stable during charging.

  6. Hi, how do you turn off this power bank? I tried turning it off pero pag iplug ko ang usb cable sa phone ko, nagcha-charge pa din. Thanks!!