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Sep 21, 2016 //
PRESS RELEASE. Shopping for shoes can be a great adventure in itself, especially if one is challenged by size, especially for me - I do not trust buying shoes online because of the my shoe size. In the past, women with larger feet would have to contend with not so interesting selections, never being on-trend with their footwear, or worse, having to squeeze their feet into the largest style available.
Fortunately, times have changed and larger shoe sizes have become more available in exciting designs. The good news is that SM’s Parisian Plus carries both trendy yet comfy designs in sizes 9.5-12. 
Style indeed comes in all sizes. There are gladiator and ballet flats for casual wear, as well as low-heeled pumps and block heels for dressier days. Colors also range from the classic ones to trendier hues of rust and navy.
The Parisian Plus collection shows how style can come in all sizes
Here, Parisian Plus shares with us some shoe shopping tips for walking in style. I'm proudly a fan and one of users of Parisian Plus. It's stylish and it's sturdy than my other stylish shoes.
  • Wear heels: Heels elongate the legs making the feet appear smaller.
  • Gladiators and caged styles cut the feet giving these a smaller illusion.  
  • Block or chunky heels give added support and balance.
  • Stock up on black or darker hues.
Parisian Plus is exclusively available at all SM Stores nationwide. 
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