Beauty Hacks for Vitamin E Oil

Jun 3, 2016 //
If you're taking Vitamin E capsules, you might love its effect to skin and hair. It's a well-known anti-oxidant kind of vitamin. Aside from taking the gels orally, I also apply it externally! It's a part of my skin care routine.

I'm using Puritan's Pride E-400IU d-Alpha Tocopherol with Selenium 50 mcg. I find it 35% much cheaper than the other brands of Vitamin E. (It smells like cocoa and almonds!)
Vitamin E and Selenium work better together than Vitamin E alone. These two work together to protect the body from cell damage and chronic disease. In fact, selenium is even more effective as an antioxidant when combined with vitamin E, according to the Office of Dietary Supplements.

Vitamin E Natural 400 IU with Selenium 100 softgels P649
Vitamin E Natural 400 IU with Selenium 50 mcg 250 softgels P1,549

You may purchase via:

The website is easy to understand. Puritan's Pride accept payments via bank deposit, cash on delivery, smart money and PayPal. Flat rate of P100 will be applied upon checkout of cart. If you purchase P2,500 you can qualify for the free shipping.

Get ready to pop those soft gels! Check out how we can add Vitamin E for our beauty routines:
  1. Hair Serum -  I used to apply it together with my Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel to help my hair conditioned and to help it grow stronger. I'm using 2 gels for my shoulder length hair. I'm using it once a week only since it would make my hair sticky until not yet washed.
  2. Skin Softener - I used to add it to my lotions and moisturizing creams. It's highly concentrated that your lotions or creams alone. It just helps my skin feel softer and glowing than those products alone.
  3. Lip Gloss - not a fan of lip gloss but it's my partner during happy days I can't control due to weather.
  4. Acne and Scar treatment - I'm still under review for this part, I'm seeing good results for this and I'll be sharing before and after for this concern
I'm glad Puritan's Pride send me these Vitamine E with Selenium Supplements as its quite expensive to buy them in drugstores. You may easily place orders on their website which also caters over 100 supplements.

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Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Puritan's Pride

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