CML Beach Resort and Water Park, Lemery, Batangas

Jun 1, 2016 //
It's almost the end of May 2016 when we went to this place in Lemery Batangas called CML Beach Resort. Few hours of travel from Manila. Beach resort and water park in one. We're 16 pax for this outing with Tof and his officemates - including some kids to enjoy the water park amenities.We stayed in the hotel overnight.

We booked for different rooms:
  • Junior Family Suite - 9,999
  • Deluxe Twin - 6,999
  • Accessible Deluxe 5,499
Our group stayed in Junior Family Suite. Consists of 1 queen size and 2 single beds. Breakfast is included! CML's free wifi only available for an hour, but we can request for a log in for an additional browsing time at the front desk.
We got a great view of the CML and the beach from the Junior Family Suite.
Balcony - Hotel's 2nd Floor
The kids enjoyed the slides and CML's water attractions.
By afternoon, weather turns out like this and rained during dinner time
I'm leaving these thoughts as a customer, these might help the business as well for improvements and advice other customers as well.

  • Heavy rain at eve, For a good measure, their maintenance knocked and checked their visitors for room's leaking roofs. We're clear even inside the washroom.
  • We're on the 2nd floor of the hotel (See 2nd Photo), water starts to enter from a small slit under the door. We're able to cover it with an extra hotel's towel. We do not have any rugs.
  • Due to heavy rain again, we cannot drive to Xentro Mall for dinner. The hotel does have a menu but the only available one is Fried Chicken meal. We're quite disappointed with the meal offered, Chicken cuts are not equally sized - like there're a big breast part and a small wing size.
  • Inform buyers with the Rice partitions for group meals, we got 4 instead of 7. It was given to a wrong group.
  • We stayed inside the bar until 1030PM, I think we're the only group booked for CML that night. CML security guard attends our needs for the bar.
  • No water shortage for 24 hours of staying at the hotel.
  • Toiletries included for our room: towels, soap, body wash, shampoo (Toothbrush and toothpaste not included). 
  • They have good hair blower BUT no adapter - no available adaptor when I requested. :| They only have Type A Outlet or the two flat identical parallel prongs
  • Front desk attendant provides assistance easily via call away when we request for additional pillows and beddings. I think it should be available already since the room is good for 8 pax max.
  • Lifeguards of the water park are all attentive, they watch those kids skipping their designated lanes - unless they can see that they can really swim to deep waters.
  • I have no issues with the breakfast served in the morning, I love the tapa and egg rice meal with coffee served. Maybe they're not just that prepared for that heavy rain that night.
Overall, it's a nice place to visit! I hope they could be more prepared for the rainy season. If you're able to visit the place, let me know if you too enjoyed staying here.

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