Etobee Experience Philippines

May 3, 2016 //
We have several courier services here in the Philippines and I've been introduced to this new courier names Etobee. I think it originally came from Indonesia and now here in the Philippines as one of a start-up company. It's quite new for me as all transactions are fast and must be used with your mobile and the Etobee app.

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The Etobee claims:
  • Instant access to deliverymen
Professional drivers at your fingertips to deliver any item from extra small up too extra large. Etobee delivers on-demand. No more phone calls & no more emails to your courier company. Within seconds, we match you request for your same or next day deliveries.
  • Minute precise tracking of all your deliveries
Get ready to delight your customers! Etobee offers your business and your clients instant and real time tracking of all your delivered items, same & next day. No more waiting, no more wasting time. We deliver high speed, within two hours in the Philippines up to nine o clock in the night.
  • The best drivers, the best price, always available
By simply downloading our free iPhone or Android App, you grant your business to save cost, optimise you customer. You select your driver based on their skill, rating, price and speed. All drivers are professionals.

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What happened during my first Etobee Transaction?
Since I'm working 8-5 during weekdays, I have no time to claim some packages from offices of some brands. Instead  of taking a leave, commute to claim my package, I tried this Etobee app for the first time.

My GPS using the app cannot point my exact location - pertaining to house Lot and Block number. I just entered the Subdivision name instead and added my other details on the comment box.

Etobee App will give you an estimate for the shipping rate. The app will also be the one to search for available drivers nearby the area of delivery.

I tried PICK UP LATER option. Booked on a Friday and scheduled pick-up the next Monday. This app is just amazing, it tells how long I need to wait for the delivery to arrive - same day! I feel it's safe and more exciting because of this order tracking. I'm not sure how would a transaction fall for next day delivery - probably for provincial areas. I noticed that Etobee currently serves customers Metro Manila area, they didn't accept my provincial address when I asked my friend to deliver it to my Rizal address - maybe limited drivers.
I was busy at work and wasn't able to track my package if it was really 22 minutes left. I just received a notice from our front desk and found out Sir Robert there with my parcel.
I'm the one who handled him with the shipping payment and of course he deserves a 5 star rating.
Once Etobee Drivers is nearby the area, you'll receive the SMS for verification code if it already arrived. So make sure you have the app with you and let the driver know the verification code for success deliveries.
After Sir Robert entered the code to his Etobee App, a delivery summary shows on my screen. I really enjoyed this delivery service and really convenient.

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More power to Etobee Philippines!


  1. Just right in time... thank you Glenda for this info... I booked for Xend pick up at lunch time but until now I'm stil waiting...will use your code now :)

    1. Thanks Chai! I hope you receive your credits. Installed mine maybe last month but till now it didn't reflect pa. Still waiting for Etobee's response about the concern