The Shopee Ph Shopping Experience

Jan 9, 2016 //
Shopee Ph, a marketplace app available for free in Apple App Store and Google Play officially launched December 2015 in the Philippines. I encountered this app from several online shops I follow on Instagram. They're posting huge discounts that buyers can only avail if they made the online transaction via Shopee App.

Shopee Guarantee
I love how secure my payment was! If an item was marked with the Shopee Guarantee, it ensures that if products are not received in the previously agreed-upon condition, payment will be refunded to the buyers in full.

As a seller, shopee doesn't require you to place Shopee Guarantee as it would also mean that payments will be on hold, and seller should be the one to shoulder the item's cost + shipping fee.

When Shopee started, they released several discount codes with minimum order. Several promo codes I used:

Until December 31, 2015
GLOBE250 minimum of 450 and up
GLOBE500 minimum of 900 and up

Until Jan 31, 2016
SPBAZAAR minimum of 500 and up
HOHO300 minimum of 700 and up
HOHO500 minimum of 1000 and up

As of December 15, Shopee stopped the discount codes. Reason I got from my netizen friends: Abuse usage of discount. All I can say, it was an unfair marketing strategy for buyers like us :p They have successfully lured buyers because of their promo codes, then they just discontinue without any prior notice.
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Some RiRe Lip Manicure I also purchased via Shopee.

I pay my items via online banking transfer since going to banks during Holiday season would consume my time. I only choose Shopee Sellers that offers Shopee Guarantee for safety reason.

My order timeline from Beautyshopph (Because I really need those Cetaphil Cleanser for my rash bumps)
  • December 11 - Placed order
  • December 13 - Payment Confirmed by Shopee
  • December 14 - Sent to AbestCourier
  • December 17 - Received package
PS: I used my Rizal Address (Provincial)

Delivery depends upon seller's availability also considering the time frame seller mentioned on the item's

I'm glad I was able to test Shopee Guarantee for refunds.
I always ask the seller first if item was still available with stocks onhand. I bought few more shades or RIRE Lipmanicure (planning to review it soon), my payment was already confirmed by Shopee - which took 2 days to confirm aftre payment transfer.
  • December 15 - Place order and paid items
  • December 16 - Seller informed me she got wrong number of stocks available. She informed me for a refund via Shopee App instead since she already approved the refund request I made.
  • December 18 - Request approved by Shopee
  • December 23 - Refund released
Feel free to check and follow my account :
I sell my items here and via Instagram, most items are cosmetics and skin care, brand new and preloved, very affordable price. I offer prices lower than other sellers. Just because I like to. :P
  • December 8 - Order date
  • December 11 - Payment Confirmed (Buyer to Shopee)
  • December 14 - Shipment date, Payment to be released once confirmed
  • December 15 - Buyer received the item, payments to seller will be processed as soon as the buyer notify Shopee.
  • December 18 - Check deposit received (Shopee to Seller)
  • December 22 - Payment successfully released
Update As per Shopee
We are now PAYING YOU FASTER! We have UPGRADED and now payments are made on a daily basis! No more waiting 3-5 working days or tons of bank statements matched per product. Now, we provide next day transfers, just for you.
Orders completed before 1PM - money transferred next working day
Orders completed after 1PM - money transferred after (2) working days
Orders completed between Thursday 1pm to Sunday 1pm - money transferred on Monday
Selling Issues: (06-2017)
There's a lot of selling issues in Shopee I encountered. Some are already resolved. For preferred sellers, they are no longer allowed to sell pre loved items and takal (sample) products. All must be full sized. There are also reports that they are removing product listing because of counterfeit tagging. However, I noticed that they also promote stores selling knock off makeups and they are still PREFERRED SELLERS! and even have a slot for flash deals. I also know legit sellers of makeup and Shopee is requesting for authenticity letter just because the price is low. They have double standards which is really unfair.
Disclaimer: This is not sponsored post. I do not received anything from the brand to publish this post, I just like to share my story about buying and selling via Shopee App.


  1. May mga fees po ba ang seller sa shopee? O kng magkano ang binayad ng buyer sa inyo yun din ang nareceive nyo na check deposit?

    1. Wala po fee for being a Shopee Seller, free po.


  2. Hi. Safe po ba iadd yung bank details dun sa 'my account' tapos 'bank accounts/cards' section? Thanks.

    1. Yes :) Its the best way to receive your earnings in Shopee

    2. Buyer po ako :(
      Di po ba nila yun mawiwithdrahan ng basta basta?

    3. No, im a buyer and seller too.

    4. Parehas lang sila ng na safe na online shop saka lazada at zalora. yan palang yung mga na try kong shop.Okay nadin shopee madaming tinda.

  3. Okay. Thanks po sa reply! 😊

  4. what if you don't have a bank account? is there any other way to received the payment?

    1. The only way to receive buyer's payment is to have a bank account connected to Shopee.