Look Amazing This Holiday Season!

Dec 9, 2015 //
Straight off the mid week of December and another season of holidays has begun, which means it's time for Christmas Parties, Year end parties, and family friends gatherings.  With all this reunion, it would be mandatory for everyone to place their best face forward - have a flawless, acne-free skin!
The war against acne can be ongoing until adulthood. Some people's genes are just so lucky, the rest deals with the recurring of this acne until the 40s or beyond.  Breakouts can blow away your confidence and being social and fun self. Achieve the party-perfect look with Proactiv Solution, America's #1 acne treatment system, got you covered!
How long does it take for your skincare regimen? Proactiv Solution's 3-Step System helps clear existing acne and prevents future breakouts than takes 5 minutes only, so it's easy use it together with your daily skin care routine.

With deep cleaning prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide, Proactiv’s Renewing Cleanser penetrates pores and heals blemishes fast.

Proactiv 3-Step System:

  • Step 1 contains smooth tiny beads that exfoliate dead skin cells and other impurities 
  • Step 2, an alcohol-free Revitalizing Toner with soothing botanicals that gently balance the skin tone, removes excess oil for a refreshed, clear skin. 
  • Step 3 consists of the Repairing Treatment, a light, oil-free skin-clearing lotion that heals blemishes and helps prevent new ones from forming.

The kit comes with a free Refining Mask that’s sure to keep your skin clear and acne-free this merry-making season. Formulated with Sulfur, a proven acne- fighting ingredient that reaches deep into the pores where blemishes begin, the Refining Mask gently unplugs pores, pampers inflamed skin, and softens the skin’s texture.

Look and feel better without acne! Don't let anything get in the way of your Christmas Celebration!
Be ready for close up photos during parties!

Proactiv Solution comes in 30-day kit (Php 2,495) and 60-Day kit (Php 3,995).
Available at all Watson, Nationwide

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