Where to buy Gundam inside 168 Mall, Divisoria?

Nov 19, 2015 //

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I have a brother and a bf who loves Gundam, I just stare at them building their kit without even trying to get closer to them, I might just step on those tiny parts which might start WW3. Kits are way cheaper in Japan, compare to kits sold here in the Philippines. It's really an expensive hobby for men (maybe some women too),

November 19, 2015, me and my guy planned to visit Divisoria for a little shopping and to check prices prior to the real shopping. What does that mean? we just canvass prices of those gifts we think we can give to our godchildren and cousins. He also would like to look for a store in 168 mall in Divisoria that sells Gundam Kits. I decided to post it here on my blog since we really had a hard time locating the store, I think it might just be helpful to you if you (instead of buying it to a middleman reseller - online seller), if you prefer to buy a bootleg kit for yourself or give it as a gift to someone else, however, it still up to you :)

Look at these bootleg kits! Most of these are from Dragon Momoko, Daban, & TT Hongli.
Gunpla in Divisoria
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Gunpla in Divisoria
  • TallGeese 1 - Php 600
  • TallGeese 2 - Php 600
  • TallGeese 3 - Php 900
Gunpla in Divisoria
Little Bear Family costs P250
Gunpla in Divisoria
These bigger ones range from Php 2200 - 3500. Strike Freedom costs Php 3200.
This stand costs Php 120! I think they also have a rotating stand!
Gunpla in Divisoria
Gunpla in Divisoria
Gunpla in Divisoria
  • Gundam 005 Unicorn - Php 800
  • Titanium Finish - Php 1100
  • Mobile Suit 033 Full Armor Unicorn - Php 1400
It is located in 41-27 inside of 168 Mall, Divisoria 4th Floor guys! If you're facing 168 Mall, go to the right-most side, you might get lost easily especially if it's your first time in 168 mall.

I think the easiest stores to remember nearby this store are: Uncle Sam, Sogo Furnitures, LBC, JRS and the Cellphone/Gown Floor.

Gunpla in Divisoria
  • Pink bear Php 80 (I'm actually finished with this one, check out my photo here)
  • Little Bear Family Php 250
  • MSN-06s Sinanju - Php 500
If you're a wholesaler or a collector who loves to buy in bulk, of course, Chinese sellers would be happy to give you more discount!

PS: All prices posted here as of November 19, 2015. These are their 'retail' prices. It's up to you guys if you like to try the quality of bootleg, they say depends on the builder. Some people would like to customize a bootleg first prior to buying a real kit. Some people may classify these brands as 3rd company product, while others as a bootleg.

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  1. We also went to Divisoria last week naman and we look for party supplies (which we failed) as we are scouting along Tabora street but we just saw Christmas decorations instead. We bought some game prizes nalang like Lego action figures. Hopefully we could come back on the 30th to buy some more. I have a LOT of friends who loves Gundam, I will spread this info to them. But original ba sya same with Japan gundams?

    Mommy Rockin' In Style

    1. I believe it's not from Japan. It almost looks like the original bandai gundams but very much cheaper. They also have the most accurate scale modele like the TT Hongli brand and Dragon Mamoko. Some bootleg needs filling since some parts might not be as accurate as the other brands. Hongli might be good for detailing.
      May loose parts, but details of the parts are good and sharp!

  2. What exact floor and location of the store? Tell me please.

    1. Hi,
      Read the blog. Answers are here already 😊