Visiting Regina Rica in Tanay, Rizal

Oct 14, 2015 //
Last October 11, 2015, we make a time to visit Regina Rica (Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia) located in Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal. My mom loves to visit the place so we made our scheduled cleared last Saturday and left around 6:00 AM in the morning. From Antipolo to Regina Rica, it took us an hour and a half. It was a long safe drive. Most of vehicle we encounter are just motorcycles and few jeepneys.
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At 7:30 am, queueing of vehicles started already from their gate, they will open gates at 8am. The place has a limited parking space so it would be better if you can arrive early to secure your parking space. Minimal parking fee of Php 50 only, there's no entrance fee. Upon entering the place, pilgrims were all invited to attend a little introduction about the place hosted by one of the Dominican Sisters.
Regina Rica land was founded in 2009. It was a 13.5 hectare which grows 10,000 Mahogany trees. Regina RICA has grown to be a place of prayer, an ecological sanctuary, and a wellness environment.
At the top of the hill, there's  the Our Lady, Regina Rosarii. She's a 71 ft tall image with an adoration chapel inside her womb.

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With Nikki, Mama and Kuya Benmar. We'll be going back for sure with Papa.
We're unable to go inside the Our Lady because the mantle is currently under construction. They will be extending the Sulod and the perimeter around. Our Lady is closed until the fiesta October 24, 2015. We'll be going back here for sure but for now we attend the Holy Mass and explore the place.
When the mass started, the chapel was filled with pilgrims from different places.
Regina RICA have their vegetarian restaurant temporarily located on the lower ground of the chapel. I remembered during our Retreat in Baguio, food prepared by the Sisters tastes really good! I really appreciate the food served and feels like it was prepared with love. Food here is also affordable, they also have a free good morning tea which I love, it relaxes my nerve.

Lomi w/ egg P50
Spaghetti good for 2 P100
Pansit Canton good for 3 P150
Agua Rica 500ml P20
Shake Pineapple and Banana P60 each
Rica Bread P50

When pilgrims have their food, they can rent Rica Kubo and tables for a minimal fee for the maintenance of the place:
  • Dalayunan 1-4  P700
  • Kubol ni Shua 1 P800
  • Kubol ni Moises 2 P800
  • Kubol ni Elijah 3 P800
  • Kubo 1-9 300
  • Tilipunan 1-4 800
  • Tilipunan 5-12 Pasilungan Extension
  • Tilipunan 13-24 300
  • ROCA 1-2 500
  • Tables 1-56 100
Pilgrims are also advised to wear proper dress code. In case, the visitor was not able to arrive in proper dress code, he/she can borrow a cloth wrap. I personally advised pilgrims to wear their comfortable walking shoes, umbrella, drinking water.

What's inside Regina Rica:

I'm writing this post to help Regina RICA to reach more people since they're currently in need of donations for the development of the place. Regina Rica s currently looking for sponsors and donors. During the mass, father mentioned RICA is currently in need of 200M funds for the place to be finished. The whole concept of establishing a Center for Training, Retreat, Union with God, Silence nd Transformation is nor ready to be implemented.
  • Star Sponsor - Sponsor a square meter (of the total 8,168.14 sqm venue) for Php 25,000
  • 88 Multi-Million Miracle Builder - be part of 88MMM for a membership donation of Php 8,800 or 880 for 10 months! [link here]
  • BATO Donors - Base And Trusses Offerers. Consists of the following: 1 sack cement Php 250, 20 hollow blocks Php 300, rebars for trusses Php 500
  • Function Hall - Sponsor a function hall and it will be named after you for Php 10,000,000 
  • Biyaya - Dinner for a Cause [link]
For interested donors, I'll be placing official contact numbers of Regina RICA at the end of this post.

Mass and Activities Schedule at Regina RICA

(Closed during Tuesdays)

For more information, please contact Regina RICA

A very peaceful place close to Our Lady and close to nature.
Have you been here before?

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