[CLOSED] Lip Pure: Moisturize and Nourish your Lips in the Gentlest Way

Oct 24, 2015 //
We all have beauty pet peeves we just can’t stand. As for me, that would probably my hair and my skin when I got less than 8 hrs of sleep. It doesn’t matter if you are a beauty junkie or the wash and go type of gal, looking polished is an unspoken law among women who want to face the world with confidence.

So what does it take to stay #onfleek all the time?

Looking well-kept doesn’t mean you have to pile on makeup. I actually prefer less is more. Sometimes, looking fresh is all it takes to look refined and well-maintained.

Dance floor maven and television personality Yassi Pressman is a good visual example of this. With her hectic schedule and always on the go lifestyle, one might wonder how this rising star manages to step out looking on point all the time.
It doesn’t take much for me, really. I try to stick to the basics no matter how busy I am. When my schedule is really hectic, I just put on cheek tint, mascara, and swipe on my trusty lip balm.

The lips are very important in accentuating or completing a look. Dramatic or subdued, keeping them healthy and moisturized is a must for those vying for double-tap worthy selfies. Lip Pure, a new and all-natural beauty product by international OTC & health care company Mentholatum, offers just this with its unique formulation and ingredients. It contains all-natural components that are sure to be safe for the skin.

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Go Natural. Choose lip balms with 100% food grade ingredients.

A lot of people are highly allergic to chemical ingredients in lip products. For a safe and efficient kind of moisturizing, it is best to go for natural solutions. Lip Pure is a good option because it has gentle beeswax formulation and 100% food grade ingredients. It is also free of colorants and preservatives to suit lips better.

Hydrate and moisturize with all-natural ingredients

Proper hydration is the secret behind healthy-looking lips. This is particularly true here in the country, where the erratic and often extreme weather can take its toll on this sensitive part of the body.

Lip Pure is formulated with royal jelly and manuka honey to keep the lips moisturized even during the harshest of weather conditions. Additionally, its moisturizing qualities are made even more effective with a combination of natural ingredients like almond oil, aloe extract, shea butter oil, and jojoba oil for deep hydration and long-lasting moisture.

Anti-Oxidants for youthful looking puckers

No amount of makeup can cover up dry, unhealthy-looking lips. In fact, regular use of products like lipsticks and tints can sometimes lead to dryness. Other than boasting all-natural ingredients, Lip Pure is also infused with anti-oxidants like Vitamin E and grape seed oil to keep lips youthful looking.

Lip Pure is the perfect makeup kit necessity for those who want to keep themselves well-kept while still caring for their lips’ health. Yassi, who also serves as the local brand ambassador of Lip Pure, is the perfect embodiment of the youthful brand.

“I think that perfecting the basics is a simple but effective way to always look your best. But of course, it’s not just all about beauty. As much as possible, it is best to go with products that are safe as well,” closes Yassi.

About Lip Pure
Lip Pure is a product of Mentholathum, an international OTC & health care products manufacturer headquartered in Orchard Park, USA. In Asia, their regional office is in Hongkong. Lip Pure is available in the Philippines in all Watsons Nationwide. Other products they have are: Mentholathum Therapy Lip Balm & Lip Gel, Men’s Cool Aqua Lip Balm and the popular LipIce in Sheer Color, Fruity, Tinted and Water Color.

Note: The rights of the photos belong to Mentholatum and should not be used for other purposes without their permission


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  1. Hi Ms.Glenda! What I really love about Lipbalms is it keeps my lips from becoming dry and cracked. Seriously, I have issues with dry and cracked lips. I've heard about this brand and really want to try them out!

  2. Interesting! I would love to try them. Gusto ko rin sana sumali sa giveaway. Sayang, the giveaway is open for Manila residents lang pala!

  3. Lipbalms! Ahh! I just cant leave without that! Haha! But yes, i love using lip balms because first, it moisturizes my dry lips. I hate the feeling of having chappy and dry lips especially when im putting my lipstick on. Ofcourse, whenever im lazy to put on make ups, i jusy use lipbalm to still keep my lips in a good condition. :)

  4. What I love lipbalm is it gives proper hydration and. Prevent my lips from chapped lips

  5. I love lip balms because they moisturize my lips making it softer and smoother!

  6. Makes my lips supple and younger looking. :)

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  8. I love lipbalms because they make my lips softer. And even my daughter used it too. Especially when she have a chapped lips.

  9. lipbalm,moisturize my lips and prevents chapping when its to hot!

  10. Hello Miss Glenda. I followed all the requirements just to qualify your giveaway. hoping to be the lucky winner

  11. The lipbalms can helps to moisturize our lips not to become chappy and dry and it also helps to hydrate our lips...

  12. I love about lipbalms is that I can use it everyday because of its natural color and of course it helps to moisture my lips :)

  13. I love how lip balm works on me, It keeps my lips hydrated and mousturized, And also helps prevent my lips from chopping. And it adds color too! This is why I am using lip balm everyday!

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  15. I love lipbalm cause my lips is always dry and need some moisturizer, so i would like to try this one :)

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  18. I love using lip balms because I had a dry and chappy lips during cold days especially pag mahalumigmig o mahangin ang panahon kaya lagi q po binabasa yung lips ko til i discovered the importance of lip balms to me. It really moisturizes my lips and make it softer :-)

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  20. I love lip balms because it prevents my lips from peeling and chapping.

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