Essence Longlasting Lipstick in 07 Natural Beauty

Oct 12, 2015 //
I just got a new pocket-friendly lipstick from Essence. They got a variety of products, most of those looks impressive for me. I picked this Essence Long lasting lipstick in 07 Natural Beauty.

About the product: longlasting love… you simply have to fall in love with the longlasting lipsticks by essence. the lipsticks provide your lips with intensive color for several hours without drying them out. you’re sure to find whatever you’re looking for – from bright pink to intensive red and chilled-out berry to subtle nude shades. the essence logo on the texture and the matt, black packaging with a ring of color to match the actual color of the lipstick are true eye-catchers!
Essence Longlasting Lipstick in 07 Natural Beauty
Price: Php 149 (Purchased from Watson's)
Pros: Affordable, moisturizing, great for a natural lip look, no smell. I can actually use consider this one as a lip balm since it's hydrating and non-drying.

  • Packaging comes with this black sturdy case and an engraved 'e' above its cap and the bullet itself.
  • It looks somewhat of a muted pink
  • No Shimmers
  • Sheer finish
  • Transferrable
Cons: Not long lasting and transferable. Lasts for an hour.
I got this one expecting it can be paired with the lipliner in 07 cute pink, I'm still hunting for a lipstick that's close to this lipliner. Color doesn't show up clearly since my lips looks more pigmented than this lipstick.
I hope it could be better but it's still a budget friendly lipstick. I believe they also have other lines of lipstick like a deeper shades of pinks and mattes, I might consider those insead.


  1. For an inexpensive lipstick, I'm really digging the pink shade! A plus for me that it doesn't have an shimmer in it. I'd definitely like to see the matte shades ^^ Thanks for sharing~