Things to consider before starting a blog

Sep 26, 2015 //
People blog about everything under the sun, it may be something about a personal, travel, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, finance, DIY, news, entertainment and more! Some people I know managed several blogs for the various niche. If you have a good internet connection, camera, computer or mobile phone, you can already start a blog!

Let me share some things to consider if you like to start blogging!

Blog Name. Hardest part because you have to think of a name that would let other people know your blog name as your brand. If you change your blog name, would you also change your domain? your social media usernames? I think better stick with your blog name if you already have a half-year-old blog.
Just think, what if a Brand Partner would look for your previous blog name (because you have posted a really good content before), then you changed names once in a while. Same goes with your readers.

Niche. Come up with the idea that is something unique to you! I think it should be something you're good at and something you like, it doesn't mean you should be expert in it. It should be something that you know to yourself that you'll never lose interest in. You may still blog about your day to day life or other things, but it would be advisable to still keep track with your niche.

Blog platform. Torn with Blogger, Wordpress, and Tumblr? I've tried these 3 and there's even more like the tiny press,, silvrback, etc. For me? I'm running A Beauty Bella in Blogger.

Content. Go and get your brain cells working and make sure to have a good content. Of course, readers would love to read more about it and will come back to your blog. Do blog when you already got those words coming out from your head. For me, sometimes I can blog as fast as 5 minutes to finish a 300-word post then sometimes, I also feel lazy and I can't just finish it, it just stayed on my Draft folders for several days. It's the reality for A Beauty Bella :p

Layout. Readers might have problems with your buttons, bloggers usually have a little knowledge about HTML / CSS to modify their blog appearance. Blogs would look better if it's responsive and got a nice layout for PC, Tablet, and Mobile.

Social Media Sites. Create an account for your blog. Here're some of the most common accounts used: a Facebook fan page, Twitter, Instagram & Bloglovin. It would be better if you can have same user account names as you blog name. - That's why you have to choose wisely, what if the username is already taken? You can use Namechk website for the name's availability

Audience. Know your target readers, they would help you build your blog content.

Time Management
Are you required to post in a daily basis? Me: how can I do that?! I'm working full time. I can't review makeup products everyday because I usually use these products several days then compare its performance. It would be up to you if your schedule can do it, why not. There are several full-time bloggers who can do this. Good for them :D 
Try making your own blogging schedule! Every weekend, every other day, it's up to you.
There's also the best time to post blogs and to social media, Check a Quickspout post here

*Events There's also some blog events, where you can be lucky that a brand or PR invites you to a bloggers event or to check their brand. Some blogger I know tries to shrink 3 events in a day, just imagine if you have to commute in Manila to 3 different places. Most events also occur during weekdays -  Full-time employees like me working on day shift can be lucky if we have a nearby event in our office - well if it would start after office hours. :)

Know why you blog
Do you like to express yourself through blogging? Share your hauls, expenses in travels, experience in a restaurant? Do you like people to know more about you? Do you wished to have blogging as a career? These guide questions will lead your way to the world of blogging, giving you more inspiration to blog about. What can you offer to your readers and to your brand partners if you like to work with them in the future, so they'll have an idea why it would be great to work with you.

Let's all get motivated!


  1. Helpful tips,Just started my blog and I'm really having a hard time from layouts and everything.

    1. Hi Almaira,
      If you can afford to buy you own theme go for it (pre-made or customized), so you can just tweak it they way you like. :)

  2. Thank you for this, Glenda! I read your blog posts always. ;-) off topic, i didnt see you on the Global Glam. Did you attend? Sometimes I wanted to approach you but I get shy sometimes. Hahaha.

    1. Hi Aika,
      Feel free to approach me anytime. I usually attend events by myself :p however last Global Glam, yes I wasn't able to attend - I have few errands to finish that day.
      Thanks for dropping by, see you around :)

  3. See you on the next BDJ event. :-)